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Comment Brexit Britain needs a new innovation culture, not just investment, in order to take off. Neon Genesis Evangelion Shin Seiki Evangelion is a 26episode science fictionactiondrama anime series by Studio Gainax which aired on Japanese. Sometimes its nail holes and sometimes its rotten wood, but your projects will often require you to patch wood. In this post Ill help you determine the best. Earl Ciel Phantomhive, Shieru Fantomuhaivu is the current head of the Phantomhive. Ready to go out of your gourd with fallthemed fun and festivities Its that magical time of year to take the kids to a local patch to select your prized pumpkin The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas. The Train Giant A-Train 9 Patch' title='The Train Giant A-Train 9 Patch' />Four Incredible Eclipses History Never Forgot. As everyone is undoubtedly aware by this point, on August 2. The whole shebang will last about two minutes and 4. In 2. 00. 9, for example, a solar eclipse visible in Southeast Asia set the record for the longest one of the century so far, lasting six minutes and 4. Like most celestial happenings throughout history, eclipses were often interpreted as signs of the apocalypse. Luckily, these pessimistic prognostications never panned out. Instead, people built instruments to better assist their understandings of eclipses and realized they were actually sort of good. The Train Giant A-Train 9 Patch' title='The Train Giant A-Train 9 Patch' />Looking for a local pumpkin patch, corn maze, hayride, gourds and other Halloween activities in Cleveland, Akron and northeastern Ohio Scroll down this page and you. A Huge List of Dog Movies. I watched a dog move when I was like 6, I have combed the entire web using over 20 rephrasing of how to explain it each on 6 different. In honor of the Great American Solar Eclipse, here are some of the greatest hits over the last few centuries. May 2. 8th, 5. 85 BCEThe Battle of the EclipseIn ancient times, eclipses were sometimes seen as opportunities to communicate with the dead, or more broadly speaking, profoundly spooky events. But in at least one case, a total solar eclipse helped stop a gruesome war. According to Greek historian Herodotus, two factionsthe Lydians of ancient Turkey, and the Medes of ancient Iranwere fighting over land in the Anatolian peninsula, which is modern day Turkey. It happened right in the middle of a battle between warring nations, the Lydians and the Medes, Bryan Brewer, author of. Eclipse History. Science. Awe., told Gizmodo. The groups had been fighting for more than a decade, but the eclipse quickly brought the battle to a halt. The event, possibly the first solar eclipse to have ended a war, was henceforth known as the battle of the eclipse. Both parties took it as an omen and laid down their weapons and made peace right on the spot, Brewer said. Its worth noting that scholars have pointed out certain inconsistencies in Herodotus account of the eventsfor instance, his narrative suggests that totality occurred in the middle of the day, but the path of the May 2. We may never know exactly how things went down on that fateful day, but suffice to say the events left an impression that lasted through the ages. August 2. 1st, 1. The Eclipse. This upcoming solar eclipse isnt the first to take place on August 2. On that same date in 1. Tycho Brahe to become interested in the stars. Brahe was inspired by the event and would go on to create better instruments for astronomers studying cosmic phenomenon. Young Tycho Brye as a teenager saw it the eclipse, astronomer Jay Pasachoff, who is co curating a gallery of eclipse related artifacts at Art. Center in California, told Gizmodo. The prediction was off by a day, and he resolved that when he grew up, he would make better observations about what was going on. Using the resources he had as a Danish aristocrat, he was able to build the biggest pre telescopic devices of his time and made careful observations. That was eventually what Johannes Kepler used to figure out the laws of planetary orbits. Keplers three laws of planetary motion would become his most influential contribution to the scientific community, since many of his forebears adamantly believed planets moved in a circular orbit. Without Brahes innovation, and in some tangential way, his fascination with that 1. Kepler never would have invented his planetary laws. April 8th, 1. 65. Mirk MondayThis total solar eclipse was known as Mirk Monday, and it horrified those in western Europe who could see it. The word mirk seems to come from the Old Norse word myrkr which literally translates to darkness. While we dont know much about the eclipse itself, it appears to have spurred many dystopian descriptions, for example, one text called A Discourse on the Terrible Eclipse of the Sun. This was likely just one of many incidences in which eclipses were seen as signs of the apocalypse. To be fair, the idea of turning off the Sun seemed pretty scary back then. People really didnt understand what was going on and just took eclipses as omens,Pasachoff said. There are books that talk about the negative consequences of this eclipse. But not everyone was terrified. One onlooker, Dr. Wyberg of Carrickfergus, Scotland, waxed poetic about it The Sun was reduced to a very slender crescent of light, the Moon all at once threw herself within the margin of the solar disc with such agility that she seemed to revolve like an upper millstone, affording a pleasant spectacle of rotatory motion. May 2. Einsteins TriumphTheres absolutely no question which was the most important and mind blowing eclipse of all time, and that was the one in 1. Doug Duncan, an astronomer in Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at UC Boulder, told Gizmodo. That was the eclipse we discovered that Einsteins idea that space and time can bend is correct. Einstein had just put forth the idea that gravity can warp the fabric of spacetime four years prior, in his theory of general relativity in 1. The total solar eclipse of 1. Astronomers wanted to catch a beam of light going past the Sun to see if it would bend, Duncan explained. They took pictures of the same part of the sky when the Sun had moved to a different constellation and compared the pattern of the stars. Even something as massive as the sun only bends light a little bit, but nevertheless, when they analyzed their pictures, they found that space bent. This was one of the first good natural opportunities to block out the Sun, and Einsteins theory predicted that light would bend near the edge of it. It did. The eclipse was seen as a triumph over Newtonian physics, which predicted that light would bend at the edge of the Sun, but not as much as Einsteins theory suggested. This ascended Einstein to celebrity status and left much of the scientific community, as one New York Times headline suggested, agog. Best Pumpkin Patches and Farms in San Diego. Ready to go out of your gourd with fall themed fun and festivities Its that magical time of year to take the kids to a local patch to select your prized pumpkin These patches go above and beyond the big, orange fruits by offering hayrides, corn mazes, falconry, amusement park rides, petting zoos and so much more Read on to see where to carve out some family fun and add the perfect amount of spice to your autumn adventures Lisa Lopez. San Diego. Pumpkin Station Mission Valley. One of five designated Pumpkin Stations in Southern California, the Mission Valley Pumpkin Station is conveniently located right next to the Westfield Shopping Mall. Not only do they boast rows and rows of prime pumpkins already gathered from the field, but they also have a variety of fun kids rides and activities including a petting zoo, inflatable slides, a jumpy house, and a ferris wheel. Camino Del Rio. San Diego, Ca. Online pumpkinstation. Hours Mon. Thurs. Fri. Sun. 9 a. m. North County. Bates Nut Farm. From Big Macs to jack o lantern varieties, acres of pumpkins are the hallmark of Bates Nut Farm. Located in Valley Center, Bates is known for its tractor hayrides, farm animals and petting zoo, country store and of course, pumpkins. Spiderman V2 61 there. Each weekend in October features a special event scarecrow contest, doggie dress up contest, arts and crafts fair, and Farm Education Days. Good to know Most pumpkin patches prohibit pooches, but dogs on a leash are welcome at Bates Nut Farm. Woods Valley Rd. Valley Center, Ca. Online batesnutfarm. Hours Open Daily through Halloween 9 a. Lavender Hill Pumpkins via Facebook. Lavender Hill Pumpkins. If youre looking for a no nonsense pumpkin farm, then look no further than Lavender Hills. This family operated pumpkin farm doesnt host the traditional carnival rides or petting zoos, but they sure do have a lot of pumpkinsthousands are expected in this years crop Lavender Hills specializes in organically grown pumpkin varieties that produce unusually large or unique pumpkins. Look for the behemoth North Atlantic Giant or the rather petite Jack B. Little pumpkins growing right on the vine. E. Mission Rd. Fallbrook, Ca 9. Online lavenderhillpumpkins. Hours 2 5 p. m. Fri., 1. Sat. and Sun., and 1. Mon. Oct. 3. 0th and Tues. Oct. 3. 1st. Pumpkin Station Rancho Bernardo. At this U pick pumpkin spot, kiddos can enjoy an 8 foot tall corn maze and a tractor hay wagon ride. Theres a picnic area for families and lots of farm animals running around for your little ones to pet Highland Valley Rd. Escondido, Ca. Online pumpkinstation. Hours Mon. Thurs. Fri. Sun. 9 a. m. Pumpkin Station Del Mar. The Del Mar Pumpkin Station is a favorite spot for San Diegans. Aside from a multitude of pumpkins, youll find two giant slides, jumpies, a train, carousel, swing ride, sky fighter ride, a petting zoo and much more. This location also offers the opportunity to host a party in the pumpkin patch perfect for fall birthdays Jimmy Durante Blvd. Del Mar, Ca. Online pumpkinstation. Hours Sun. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 9 a. Peltzer Pumpkin Farm. This family owned pumpkin farm is the ideal place for kids to roam the fields to pick the perfect pumpkin. Theres also gem mining, pig races, a tractor garden, a petting farm, pony rides and train rides to round out the fun Calle Contento. Temecula, Ca. Online peltzerfarms. Hours Daily, 9 a. Leah R. Singer. East County. Julian Mining Company. Who knew there would be awesome u pick pumpkins at a mining spotWhile this historical hotspot is best known for its Civil War Reenactments and Gold Rush days, the Julian Mining Company also hosts its own u pick pumpkin patch. Pumpkin u pick starts Oct. Theres also tractor drawn hayrides, u press apple cider, farm animals and lots of space for picnics. State Hwy 7. 8Julian, Ca. Online julianminingcompany. Hours Fri. and Sat. Sun. noon 5 p. m. Harbour Farm Vineyard via Facebook. Harbour Farm Vineyard. Tons of fall themed fun to be had at Harbour Farm VineyardTheres U pick pumpkins, a bounce house, gem mining, BBQ food for purchase, all natural snow cones, music, wine tasting, frozen sangria slushies for moms and dads, birds of prey demonstration and photo op, hay rides and a petting paddock. They also offer a falconry school experience on weekends with advanced registration. Call Terri Lockwood at 6. Highway 6. 7Ramona, Ca. Online harbourfarm. Hours 1. 0 a. m. dusk, Tues. Sun. Oct. 7thphoto Christina Cross. Omas Pumpkin Patch. Omas Pumpkin Patch has been a San Diego tradition for many years. The farm features pumpkins, hay rides, a hay bale maze, petting corral, a playground, and lots more fun for the entire family. For a mere 1. 0, each kiddo who visits Omas Farm receives a water bottle, Jack Patch Pumpkin, and participation in all farm activities. The patch opens Sept. El Monte Rd. Lakeside, Ca. Online omaspumpkinpatch. Hours Tues. Sat. Sun. Mon. Photo Summers Past Farms via Facebook. Summers Past Farms. Pick a pumpkin in this idyllic farm setting. Theres a field of pumpkins to choose from while enjoying the beautiful country life in Flinn Springs. Theres also a bounce house for the kids and a corn maze for them to enjoy at no charge. The Coffee bar will be serving drinks and the Barn store and Herbal Soap Shoppe are full of Fall dcor. Olde Hwy. 8. 0Flinn Springs, Ca 9. Online summerspastfarms. Hours Weds. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Mountain Valley Ranch. Mountain Valley Ranch has everything kids love about a visit to the patch A wide variety of pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn, a corn maze, a corn cannon, petting zoo, hayrides on weekends and pony rides all day on weekends and Tues. Fri. There are snacks and refreshments for sale on the weekends too. Hwy. 7. 8Ramona, Cal 9. Online mountainvalleyranch. Hours 9 a. m. 6 p. Lisa Lopez. South Bay. Pumpkin Station Bonita. This farm offers tons of pumpkins, a corn maze, tractor rides, and a petting zoo with some super friendly goats. With some pumpkins still growing on the vine, let your kiddos try and pluck one from the patch themselves. Or, select one of the pre picked pumpkins ranging from 2 2. Sweetwater Rd. Bonita, Ca. Online pumpkinstation. Hours Oct. 1 1. Oct. Pumpkin Station National City. Located at Plaza Bonita in National City, this pumpkin spot includes a mini slide, car ride, train jumpie, ferris wheel, play center and more. Theres also a train ride and a petting zoo. Print a free train ride coupon here. Plaza Bonita Rd. National City, Ca. Online pumpkinstation. Hours Mon. Thurs. Fri. Sun. 9 a. m. Where does your family go to find that perfect pumpkinTell us in the comments below. Leah R. Singer Beth Shea.