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AEC buses in preservation. The Devon General Omnibus Trust has the following former Devon General AEC Regents formerly owned by the late AEC author and Devon General enthusiast Phil Platt DR6. NTT 6. 61, 1. 95. Weymann bodied Regent IIIDR8. VDV 8. 17, 1. 95. Metro Cammell bodied Regent V1 RDV, 1. Harrington bodied Reliance coach, which was in the Grey Cars subsidiary fleet and also formely owned by Phil Platt, is now with a private owner in Devon. CTT 5. 13. C, 1. Check Wwn Number In Windows 2012Park Royal bodied Regent V, which was the last AEC Regent in service with Devon General, has moved to a private owner in Wiltshire. SR5. 95 LUO 5. 95, a 1. Weymann bodied Regal III, has moved to an owner in Essex. VDV 7. 98, a 1. 95. Weymann bodied Reliance, was also owned by Phil Platt, and remains under restoration. Devon General Society members Royston Morgan and Dennis Chick own no. RDV, a 1. 96. 4 Reliance 5. AEC gearbox and Marshall 4. Summary. With supported hardware, virtual fibre channel support allows supported Windows Server 2012 HyperV guests to connect to and use fibre channel SAN LUNs for. I have a number of Brocade 825 HBA FC cards in our DC. Q1 Where can I download the Brocade HCM software equivalent of Emulex HBAnywhere for Win 2008 R2 Cisco Virtualization Solution for EMC VSPEX with Microsoft HyperV 2012 R2 for up to 1000 Virtual Machines. The Dell blade server products are built around their M1000e enclosure that can hold their server blades, an embedded EqualLogic iSCSI storage area network and IO. Complete Technical Acronyms, Glossary Definitions for PC, SAN, NAS, QA, Testing, HDTV, Wireless, Linux, Embedded, Networks, Video, Digital, pharma, Unix, Video. DGS member Terry Bennett owns 5. CTT 5. 18. C, a 1. Willowbrook bodied Regent V. Check Wwn Number In Windows 2012' title='Check Wwn Number In Windows 2012' />Park Royal bodied Reliance CTT 2. C is preserved in the Midlands and being actively rallied in 2. Check Wwn Number In Windows 2012' title='Check Wwn Number In Windows 2012' />View and Download Brocade Communications Systems SN3000B administrators manual online. Brocade Web Tools Administrators Guide Supporting Fabric OS v7. Windows Cluster Interview Questions and Answers Here are some windows cluster Interview Questions and Answers for windows administrator. What is Clustering. Windows Cluster Interview Questions and Answers. Hurly Burly Mp3 Download. What is Clustering. V7. 4. x Supported Hardware List, Device Driver, Firmware and Recommended Software Levels for SAN Volume Controller. Briefly define explain it Clustering is a technology, which is used to provide High Availability for mission critical applications. We can configure cluster by installing MCS Microsoft cluster service component from Add remove programs, which can only available in Enterprise Edition and Data center edition. Types of Clusters In Windows we can configure two types of clusters. NLB network load balancing cluster for balancing load between servers. This cluster will not provide any high availability. Usually preferable at edge servers like web or proxy. Server Cluster This provides High availability by configuring active active or active passive cluster. In 2 node active passive cluster one node will be active and one node will be stand by. When active server fails the application will FAILOVER to stand by server automatically. When the original server backs we need to FAILBACK the application. What is Quorum  A shared storage need to provide for all servers which keeps information about clustered application and session state and is useful in FAILOVER situation. This is very important if Quorum disk fails entire cluster will fails. Why Quorum is necessary When network problems occur, they can interfere with communication between cluster nodes. A small set of nodes might be able to communicate together across a functioning part of a network, but might not be able to communicate with a different set of nodes in another part of the network. This can cause serious issues. In this split situation, at least one of the sets of nodes must stop running as a cluster. To prevent the issues that are caused by a split in the cluster, the cluster software requires that any set of nodes running as a cluster must use a voting algorithm to determine whether, at a given time, that set has quorum. Because a given cluster has a specific set of nodes and a specific quorum configuration, the cluster will know how many votes constitutes a majority that is, a quorum. If the number drops below the majority, the cluster stops running. Nodes will still listen for the presence of other nodes, in case another node appears again on the network, but the nodes will not begin to function as a cluster until the quorum exists again. For example, in a five node cluster that is using a node majority, consider what happens if nodes 1, 2, and 3 can communicate with each other but not with nodes 4 and 5. Nodes 1, 2, and 3 constitute a majority, and they continue running as a cluster. Nodes 4 and 5 are a minority and stop running as a cluster, which prevents the problems of a split situation. If node 3 loses communication with other nodes, all nodes stop running as a cluster. However, all functioning nodes will continue to listen for communication, so that when the network begins working again, the cluster can form and begin to run. Different types of Quorum in Windows server 2. Node Majority Used when Odd number of nodes are in cluster. Node and Disk Majority Even number of nodesbut not a multi site cluster3. Node and File Share Majority Even number of nodes, multi site cluster. Node and File Share Majority Even number of nodes, no shared storage. Different types of Quorum in Windows server 2. Standard Quorum  As mentioned above, a quorum is simply a configuration database for MSCS, and is stored in the quorum log file. A standard quorum uses a quorum log file that is located on a disk hosted on a shared storage interconnect that is accessible by all members of the cluster. Standard quorums are available in Windows NT 4. Enterprise Edition, Windows 2. Advanced Server, Windows 2. Datacenter Server, Windows Server 2. Enterprise Edition and Windows Server 2. Datacenter Edition. Majority Node Set Quorums  A majority node set MNS quorum is a single quorum resource from a server cluster perspective. However, the data is actually stored by default on the system disk of each member of the cluster. The MNS resource takes care to ensure that the cluster configuration data stored on the MNS is kept consistent across the different disks. Majority node set quorums are available in Windows Server 2. Enterprise Edition, and Windows Server 2. Datacenter Edition. Explain about each Quorum type Node Majority Each node that is available and in communication can vote. The cluster functions only with a majority of the votes, that is, more than half. Node and Disk Majority Each node plus a designated disk in the cluster storage the disk witness can vote, whenever they are available and in communication. The cluster functions only with a majority of the votes, that is, more than half. Node and File Share Majority Each node plus a designated file share created by the administrator the file share witness can vote, whenever they are available and in communication. The cluster functions only with a majority of the votes, that is, more than half. No Majority Disk Only The cluster has quorum if one node is available and in communication with a specific disk in the cluster storage. How is the quorum information located on the system disk of each node kept in synch The server cluster infrastructure ensures that all changes are replicated and updated on all members in a cluster. Can this method be used to replicate application data as wellNo, that is not possible in this version of clustering. Only Quorum information is replicated and maintained in a synchronized state by the clustering infrastructure. Can I convert a standard cluster to an MNS cluster Yes. You can use Cluster Administrator to create a new Majority Node Set resource and then, on the cluster properties sheet Quorum tab, change the quorum to that Majority Node Set resource. What is the difference between a geographically dispersed cluster and an MNS cluster A geographic cluster refers to a cluster that has nodes in multiple locations, while an MNS based cluster refers to the type of quorum resources in use. A geographic cluster can use either a shared disk or MNS quorum resource, while an MNS based cluster can be located in a single site, or span multiple sites. What is the maximum number of nodes in an MNS cluster Windows Server 2. Enterprise Edition and Datacenter Edition. Do I need special hardware to use an MNS cluster There is nothing inherent in the MNS architecture that requires any special hardware, other than what is required for a standard cluster for example, there must be on the Microsoft Cluster HCL. However, some situations that use an MNS cluster may have unique requirements such as geographic clusters, where data must be replicated in real time between sites. Does a cluster aware application need to be rewritten to support MNS No, using an MNS quorum requires no change to the application. However, some cluster aware applications expect a shared disk for example SQL Server 2. Does MNS get rid of the need for shared disksIt depends on the application. For example, clustered SQL Server 2. Remember, MNS only removes the need for a shared disk quorum. What does a failover cluster do in Windows Server 2. A failover cluster is a group of independent computers that work together to increase the availability of applications and services. The clustered servers called nodes are connected by physical cables and by software. If one of the cluster nodes fails, another node begins to provide service a process known as failover. Users experience a minimum of disruptions in service.