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Windows 7 Dell Oem Pre Bent' title='Windows 7 Dell Oem Pre Bent' />Perfectly legal ways you can still get Windows 7 cheap or even freeUpdated November 2. One of the most popular posts I have ever published at ZDNet was this one, originally titled Seven perfectly legal ways to get Windows 7 cheap or even free. I wrote it in late 2. If you had followed my advice, you could have saved hundreds of dollars on upgrades and special deals for students and IT pros. Six years later, Windows 7 is in the rear view mirror. Most of the deals listed in those original posts are no longer available. But it is indeed still possible to find great deals on PCs running Windows 7, if you know where to look. Its also possible to tweak and tune newer Windows versions so that they are functionally equivalent to Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64Bit Operating System Software WService Pack 1, License Media, 1PC, OEM, DVD, LCP, English FQC08289. I dont have my windows 7 product key. In that spirit, Ive completely reworked this post with information that reflects the current PC market. Last updated November 2. Windows 7 is officially middle aged. It was publicly released more than six years ago, on October 2. With each passing day it is getting further and further from the midpoint of Microsofts 1. Windows releases. Ive got a Windows 7 Home Premium licence key, but I got it using ProduKey on my sisters old laptop. She says she cant remember if the laptop came pre. Dell Inc. stylized as DELL was a multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas and, along with Dell EMC, is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. Find great deals on eBay for windows 7 home premium and windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Shop with confidence. In January 2. 01. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7, and the five year extended support phase began. In January 2. 02. Windows 7 support lifecycle will officially end. But four years is a long, long time, and if you prefer the familiar environment of Windows 7 over its successors, you still have lots of options available. Windows 7 Dell Oem Preinstall' title='Windows 7 Dell Oem Preinstall' />If you navigate your way through the confusing maze of Windows licensing rules, youll find that the best deals go to PC manufacturers, which means youll find the best new and refurbished PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled and ready to run. If you just need the software, you can still buy Windows 7 software in shrink wrapped retail and OEM packages, sometimes at prices that are literally too good to be true. If youre an IT pro or developer who needs Windows 7 for testing, you also have subscription options, although theyre less of a deal than they were six years ago. For students, the best options come with newer versions of Windows. Most of the details I include in this post apply to Windows customers in the United States, but you should be able to find similar offers in other countries. My goal in this post is to point you to deals that customers legitimately qualify for. I am not trying to encourage attempts by anyone to get away with something youre not entitled to. Windows 7 Dell Oem PreinstallationWindows 7 Dell Oem PreferenceIf there are restrictions for a specific offer, Ive noted them here. Ready to get started Pick a category and go. Fixed Peroblem was I think using OEM, which Bootcamp advise against using. Fixed like this 1. Put the Windows 7 installation disc. Buy the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OEM FQC08279 at a super low price. TigerDirect. com is your one source for the best computer and electronics deals anywhere. Get help, support, and tutorials for Windows productsWindows 10, Windows 8. Windows 7, and Windows 10 Mobile. SLP installations require a master product key issued by each OEM maker, which is unique to the specific edition of Windows, such as Home XP, Starter, Home Basic. Microsoft. The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services. The companys two cash cows operating. Old software on new PCs By far the best way to buy Windows 7 today, six years into its lifecycle, is to purchase it preinstalled on a new PC. You get a warranty and, more importantly, you get the OEMs assurance that the hardware and software were designed to work together. Windows-7-Home-Premiun-Box.jpg' alt='Windows 7 Dell Oem Pre-installation' title='Windows 7 Dell Oem Pre-installation' />This option also spares you from the pain of Windows setup, especially the hassles of hunting down essential drivers and system specific updates when you upgrade or downgrade a PC. New brand name PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled Yes, big name PC makers can still install Windows 7 on new PCs. Theres a catch, though As of October 3. PCs they offer must include the more expensive Windows 7 Professional. Machines that were manufactured before that date with Windows 7 Home Premium can still be sold. Normally, the sales lifecycle for PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled would have ended long ago, but Microsoft extended that deadline in February 2. PC manufacturers will no longer be able to sell new PCs with Windows 7 Pro as of October 3. For details, see What the Windows 7 Pro sales lifecycle changes mean to consumers and business buyers. The trick in shopping for these machines is to skip the front door and go straight for the business section. Among online merchants, for example, Dell offers filters to show all available desktops and all in ones and laptops running Windows 7. HP has separate pages for business desktops and laptops, but you have to look at each model to find the models with Windows 7 available. Big online retailers that serve business markets should have similar selections covering a wide range of brands and the full spectrum of prices. Used and refurbished PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled There are plenty of sites where you can find factory reconditioned PCs for sale at legitimately low prices. Amazon owned Woot, for example, always has lots of choices in its Computers section, although youll have to dig into the specs to confirm that the operating system youre looking for is included. Other online sellers with similarly extensive selections include the following Tiger Direct offers off lease Windows 7 PCs for as little as 1. Newegg has an enormous selection of refurbished PCs as well. Many are too old to recommend except for diehard bargain hunters, but if you know what youre looking for you can find perfectly good hardware that costs less than youd pay for a retail copy of the Windows 7 version it includes. Staples has a similar selection in its online store. I dont recommend taking a chance with random sellers on e. Bay or Craigslist not when there are so many well established merchants that offer proper warranties and return policies, as well as an assurance that the underlying Windows license is legitimate. OEM Windows software for new or refurbished PCs Under Microsofts arcane licensing rules, you can legitimately purchase OEM copies of Windows 7 any edition. However, the license agreement with those copies explicitly prohibits you from using that software on a PC you build or refurbish for your own personal use. Crazy, huh 2. 01. The Years Best Tech for Work and Play. ZDNet takes a look back at very best tech stories and features of 2. From the years tech turkeys to products and services that get business done, we round up top gadgets, cloud highs, security lows and much more. Read More You can find OEM System Builder software from dozens of online merchants. The current price for OEM Windows 7 Professional at Newegg, for example, is 1. When I checked a few minutes ago, Amazon was offering OEM Windows 7 Professional packages from multiple sellers at prices ranging from 1. When I checked just now, a package specifically intended for refurbished PCs cost only 5. There are no technical limitations to prevent you from using OEM software on your own PC, although this software will work only for a clean installation and not for an upgrade. In the past, Microsoft has been remarkably inconsistent in its advice to customers about whether this practice is allowed. See Is it OK to use OEM Windows on your own PCDont ask Microsoft. To make the subject even more confusing, Microsoft briefly changed its licensing rules with Windows 8, adding a Personal Use Rights clause that allowed individuals to buy OEM Windows and install it on personal PCs. That change lasted exactly one year with the launch of Windows 8. Microsoft restored the old licensing terms. Windows 7 Dell Oem Pressure' title='Windows 7 Dell Oem Pressure' />The bottom line Yes, you can install an OEM copy of Windows 7 on a PC for your own personal use I recommend that you avoid doing so for your business, however, especially if you have a licensing agreement with Microsoft. Upgrade and downgrade options Most of the readily available options for new PCs include the latest version of Windows thats Windows 1. Windows 8. 1 PCs still on retail and online shelves. Dell Wikipedia. Coordinates 3. N9. 74. 01. 4W 3. N 9. 7. 6. 70. 42. W 3. 0. 4. 88. Dell Inc. DELL was a multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas and, along with Dell EMC, is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, one of the largest technology companies in the world with 1. Dell manufactured, sold, repaired, and supported personal computers PCs, servers, data storage devices, network switches, computer software, computer peripherals, high definition televisions, cameras, printers, and electronics built by other manufacturers. The company was known for its innovations in supply chain management and e commerce, particularly its direct sales model and its build to order or configure to order approach to manufacturingdelivering individual PCs configured to customer specifications. Dell was eponymously named after its founder, Michael Dell. With a market share of 1. Dell was the third largest PC vendor in the world in the first quarter of 2. Lenovo and HP Inc. The Hewlett Packard Company. In the first quarter of 2. Dell was the largest manufacturer of computer monitors in the world, with a market share of 1. Dell was the third largest employer and largest private employer in Austin, Texas. On September 7, 2. Dell Inc. merged with EMC Corporation now Dell EMC and both companies became subsidiaries of Dell Technologies. Current operationseditProducts and brandseditDell marketed specific brand names to different market segments. Its BusinessCorporate class brands were focused on long life cycles, reliability, and serviceability. Such brands include Dells Home OfficeConsumer class brands were focused on value, performance, and expandability. These brands included Inspiron budget desktop and notebook computersXPS high end desktop and notebook computersAlienware high performance gaming systemsVenue Tablets Android WindowsDells Peripherals class included USB keydrives, LCD televisions, and printers Dell monitors includes LCD televisions, plasma TVs and projectors for HDTV and monitors. Dell Ultra. Sharp is further a high end brand of monitors. Discontinued products and brands included Axim PDA discontinued April 9, 2. Dimension home and small office desktop computers discontinued July 2. Dell Digital Jukebox MP3 player discontinued August 2. Dell Power. App application based servers, and Dell Optiplex desktop and tower computers previously supported to run server and desktop operating systems. Current facilitieseditDells headquarters were located in Round Rock, Texas. As of 2. 01. 3 the company employed about 1. Texas and was the regions largest private employer,1. As of 1. 99. 9 almost half of the general fund of the city of Round Rock originated from sales taxes generated from the Dell headquarters. Dell facilities in the United States were located in Austin, Texas Plano, Texas Nashua, New Hampshire Nashville, Tennessee Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Peoria, Illinois Hillsboro, Oregon Portland area Eden Prairie, Minnesota Dell Compellent Bowling Green, Kentucky Lincoln, Nebraska and Miami, Florida. Facilities located abroad include Penang, Malaysia Xiamen, China Bracknell, UK Manila, Philippines1. Chennai, India 1. Hyderabad, India Bangalore, India Gurugram, India Hortolandia and Porto Alegre, Brazil Bratislava, Slovakia d, Poland Panama City, Panama Dublin and Limerick, Ireland and Casablanca, Morocco. Dell Direct, which provides sales and technical support for the Ireland and United Kingdom market is located in Cherrywood, Dublin where it employs 1,0. The US and India were the only countries that have all Dells business functions and provide support globally research and development, manufacturing, finance, analysis, and customer care. CompetitioneditDells major competitors included Hewlett Packard HP, Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, IBM, MSI, Panasonic with its Toughbook series, Samsung and Apple. Dell and its subsidiary, Alienware, compete in the enthusiast market against AVADirect, Falcon Northwest, Voodoo. PC a subsidiary of HP, and other manufacturers. Technical supporteditDell service and support brands included the Dell Solution Station extended domestic support services, previously Dell on Call, Dell Support Center extended support services abroad, Dell Business Support a commercial service contract that provides an industry certified technician with a lower call volume than in normal queues, Dell Everdream Desktop Management Software as a Service remote desktop management, originally a Saa. S company founded by Elon Musks cousin, Lyndon Rive, which Dell bought in 2. Your Tech Team a support queue available to home users who purchased their systems either through Dells website or through Dell phone centers. Historyedit. Dells first logo from 1. Dells former logo from 1. In 1. 98. 4, at the age of 1. Michael Dell founded PCs Limited, a seller of IBM PC compatible computers, while a student of the University of Texas at Austin and operated the company from his dormitory room. In July 1. 98. 5, the company produced the first computer of its own design, the 1. Turbo PC, which sold for 7. IBM. 2. 32. 4 After a positive article in PC Week, the company was selling 1,0. Michael Dell appeared in PCs Limited advertisements in national magazines, asking readers to give us a chance to show you what its products can do. Dells family went on to lend him 5. In late 1. 98. 6, the company began operations from an 8. North Austin. 2. 4In 1. Michael Dell hired Lee Walker, a 4. Dells ideas for growing the company. Walker reorganized the management staff, was instrumental in securing the companys first line of credit from a bank of 1. George Kozmetsky and Bobby Ray Inman. Walker retired in 1. Michael Dell hired Morton Meyerson, former CEO and president of Electronic Data Systems to transform the company from a fast growing medium sized firm into a billion dollar enterprise. By early 1. 98. 7, Dells factory was producing 7,0. In 1. 98. 7, the company had 7. This represented approximately a market share of 1, compared to 3. IBM, 8. 2 for Apple Inc., 5. Compaq, 5 for Olivetti, and 4. Zenith Electronics. The company spent 3 million, or 4 of sales, on advertising. Dell also offered journalists from major computer magazines the opportunity to test its products, which gave it further good publicity when positive articles were written in these publications. Dell was known for its excellent customer service, with 9. In early 1. 98. 7, Dell began offering a computer servicerepair plan by Honeywell for 3. Dell raised capital in a private placement in 1. In 1. 98. 8, The company changed its name from PCs Limited to Dell Computer Corporation. Red Robin Comics. In June 1. 98. 8, Dell raised 3. In 1. 98. 9, the company introduced its first laptop computer, the 3. LT. 2. 3 In 1. 99. Limerick, Ireland to serve clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. In 1. 99. 2, Fortune magazine included Dell Computer Corporation in its list of the worlds 5. Michael Dell, at 2. CEO of a Fortune 5. By 1. 99. 3, the company had 5,0. In the late 1. 98. To complement its own direct sales channel, Dell signed agreements to have its computers sold at Comp. USA and Staples Inc. However, selling via middlemen was not very profitable for Dell. Bain consultant Kevin Rollins persuaded Michael Dell to pull out of these deals.