The Secret Of Kells Soundtrack Suicide

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THE ALIEN CLIMATEof the Jew can be clearly seen by the temper of todays Jewish comedian. An example of this noxious Jewish climate that militates against the traditional cultural norms of Western society is the repulsive humor of Larry David. Representing Jewrys hostility toward the Church ever since their crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Larry David urinated on a picture of Jesus in a comic episode on HBO in 2. HBO owned by Jewish enabled Time Warner also features Jewish comedian, Robert Klein. The Secret Of Kells Soundtrack Suicide Scuad' title='The Secret Of Kells Soundtrack Suicide Scuad' />Kleins motifs revolve around anti Gentilism such as bringing a German home to meet his Jewish parents which Klein describes as an evening with stuffed cabbage and war crime accusations. And then, of course, there is the vile Jewish comedian, Sarah Silverman, who in a recent stand up comic routine regarding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, vowed that if given the chance she would crucify Christ again. THE DEBASINGof Western culture did not merely happen, it was planned, fostered and spread by the Jew, as outlined by The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Jewryvia the comedians podiumpreaches a message of destruction of normal familial and sexual life exalting the alienated Jew who spreads his atmosphere of alienation to unsuspecting Gentiles, especially targeting the gullible and impressionable Gentile youth. SPREADING ALIENATIONIN THE CULTUREof which the Jew has emerged as a dominant power, nations were a unit of belief entirely independent of the notion of territory, of Fatherland. There was no place in the world of Christian belief with its sacred monarchy, its piety, and agrarian economy for the uprooted stranger with his Talmud. While the Jew huddled in his ghetto as a symbol of his isolation from the European Christian environment, the general sentiment of the Christian populace up to the French Revolution was that the Jew was a Christ Killer and not to be trusted. But with the coming of democracy created by Jewrys infiltration of the freemasons which was made into an instrument of his revenge, the alien climate of the Jew spread into every sphere of Christian society. And with Napoleon granting Jewry full civil rights, the Jew forged ahead in finance, in trade, in diplomacy, in education, in letters, in politics, in the press remaining a closed organism inside an open one, a state within a state. View Entire Story. Here. THE WORLD VIEW OF THE JEWwas thus shaped, honed, and then spread throughout Christendom like a cancer A world view of alienation from the cosmosof dispersion from a homelandyet once in a homeland, at enmity with the world around him. And his outlook became the dominant motif of society. In opposition, the world view of the indigenous people of Europe was one of reconciliation, of optimism, of being at home in the worldowing to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world. But the Jew remained not only bereft of Christ but His enemy. And thus the alien climate of the Jew induced a negative force into his surroundings. The alien work of the Jew is now complete. His noxious climate has polluted the once pure air of Christendom. The Jew has fully Jewified a once happy and prosperous society. All that is left as we approach the transformation of history is the coming of the anti Christhe will be a Jew, as the Orthodox Church teachesand the new aliens will be those who refuse to take his mark. Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation Or Send Your Contribution To The Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 5. Priest River ID 8. E mail brothernathanaelfoundationyahoo. For More See Modern Man In A Jewish Age. Reggae Beat Maker Free there. Click Here. And Unmasking The Structures Of Jewish Thought. Click Here. And How The Jews Think. Click Here. And The Jewish Debasing Of American Culture. Click Here. Support Brother Nathanael Send Your Donation To Brother Nathanael Kapner PO Box 5. Priest River ID 8. HR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9mZVRKWW1YTTRMSS9ocWRlZmF1bHQuanBn.jpg' alt='The Secret Of Kells Soundtrack Suicide Kings' title='The Secret Of Kells Soundtrack Suicide Kings' />E mail bronathanaelyahoo. Scroll Down For Comments. Brother Nathanael February 1.