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Is WPF dead the present and future of WPFIntroduction. As a WPF developer for years I was recently concerned by the new direction chosen by Microsoft on its client platforms with the rise of the brand new Win. RT framework. I was concerned for good reasons Ive suffered from the collateral damages of the Silverlight failure, and as the proverb says once bitten, twice shy. Since 2. 00. 9 I have put a huge personal and professional investment in WPF, using it to develop LOB applications in the financial industry, and now Im even providing training on this topic. So as a professional developer and trainer the future of WPF is critical for me so Ive studied this issue more thoroughly. In this article Ill share my findings with you, in a completely objective and transparent manner, and I hope youll provide your own facts, so that the community can have a better vision of the future of WPF. In the last part of this article I provide some strategies for businesses and individual developers. Hi Folks, As we could see the demand of Hana cloud integration as everyone is moving towards it, To make Integration much more easier,User friendly, and to surpass. Do not merge this into the code. I think it is terrible idea and is going to kill WordPress development. Just keep this thing as a plugin and leave some comfort zone. SecurityStudy. Some reasons to worry. First Ill start by presenting the signs that are worrying me, and should worry you too if you are a WPF stakeholder. Audi A5 Brochure Pdf there. WPF teams blog is idle. As every Microsoft technical team the WPF development team owns a blog where the teams members share their expertise on WPF with the community. The last article of this blog is dated from may 2. Win. RT was starting to emerge as the next big thing. An idle blog could mean a lot of things but IMHO nothing good probably the team was reduced to the bare minimum and animating this blog is not a priority, maybe the best members of the team have been moved to other projects like Win. Di4M8q3hfEg/Vp1IzOag7ZI/AAAAAAAADY8/lGg7pP8q7uk/s1600/Rabins%2BXP%2BHTML5%2BTemplate_unify-v1_9_blog_large_full_width_html.png' alt='Unify Bootstrap Template' title='Unify Bootstrap Template' />Unify Bootstrap TemplateUnify Bootstrap TemplateRT, and maybe this is intentional to send a signal to the communityIn terms of public relations an active blog is essential because it shows the technology is evolving and is developed by enthusiast developers proud of their work and willing to share it with the community. Note that often the MSDN blogs are not very active, the Entity Framework teams blog being one of the exceptions, thanks to Rowan Miller who regularly publishes new posts, and this is one of the main reason I like this technology it is being developed by brilliant and committed people. The official WPF toolkit is idle. The WPF Toolkit is a free and open source project developped by the Microsoft team and designed as the anteroom of the official WPF releases. As an example the Data. Grid was not present in the initial release WPF 3. WPF 4. 0. The official toolkit played this role till 2. Sign of this inactivity for the WPF Toolkit search Google ranks the official WPF toolkit second after a non official one more on this one in the second part. No more certification. The official WPF certification 7. This is a strong explicit sign given to developers that they should not invest more time in this technology and instead devote their time to Win. RT which benefits from new dedicated certification paths. Maybe Microsoft will step back and postpone this removal like it did with other certifications after the developers community complained, but that wont change the fact WPF is no more the priority. Personally Im still hesitating to pass it because I have no guarantee the time and money yes as an entrepreneur I pay my certifications myself are worth it. Instead I prefer to prepare for the Win. RT certifications which should be there for some years. No Windows 8 integration. If you remember the release of WPF 4, a large part of the enhancements were dedicated to Windows 7 integration like taskbar items customization jump lists, progress, overlay. There is no such things in WPF 4. Windows 8 features like the charm bar and the numerous application contracts though there is some interop capabilities. So if Microsoft has not invested in this integration it clearly demonstrates that WPF is no more a first class citizen in Windows and it prefers to dedicate all its workforce to Win. RT, and I think this is a reasonable decision. No support for Windows RTMicrosoft, historically a softwares vendor, is diversifying its business by becoming an hardware vendor, mimicking its competitors Apple and Samsung. To this end Microsoft has acquired Nokia to benefit from its long time presence in the mobile phone market. On the tablets and laptops side, to compete with i. Pad tablets and Mac. Book Pros laptops, Microsoft has launched the Surface series. Camp Lo Black Hollywood Rar there. There were 2 versions of the Surface 1 and 2 depending on the hardware architecture x. ARM, the later benefiting from a dedicated version of Windows Windows RT not to be confused with Win. RT which is a software layer. But Windows RT does not support at least officially the older APIs like the good old Win. Win. Forms and WPF, so you cant run your WPF applications on all the Surface versions. And if Microsoft did not invest in this its simply because it tries to get rid of Win. Win. RT which is specially tailored for the new IT trends. The new Microsofts strategy. In february 2. 01. Microsoft named a new CEO, Satya Nadella, who comes from the cloud division of Microsoft. He is replacing Steve Ballmer, who did not understood the new mobile market first i. Phone and Android and is probably one of the reasons Microsoft completely missed the boat and is now fighting hard to get a place taking market shares to competitors Apple, Samsung percent after percent. Contrary to his predecessor Satya Nadellas global strategy for Microsoft is cloud first and mobile first, so exit the traditional desktop model, and again this is a very sane strategy. But precisely WPF was designed for the old model fat desktop applications, whereas Win. RT uses a totally different model, taking into account the new mobile needs. Of course the desktop and PC market is not dead, far from it, but it is not the predominant model anymore. And Microsoft has taken this into account when building Win. Games Gta San Andreas 2010. RT because you can now use the whole HTMLCSSJS stack, including frameworks like Angular and Knockout, to develop desktop applications a strong sign confirming that web technologies are really becoming ubiquitous after Node on the server. The Windows Store. In order to capture a part of the applications vendors revenues most of the platforms owners like Apple and Microsoft have created stores you must use to publish and buy applications. And unfortunately AFAIK the Windows Store applications must be based on Win. RT, so your WPF applications cant be deployed through the store. Note that this is not an issue for businesses that deploy their applications internally and dont need a store, nor for big applications vendors like ERP who use their own commercial channels to sell their applications, but this is an issue if you are a small vendor who need the visibility of the store, before a competitor eats your market shares. More and more people are using the stores instinctively to search for new applications so there is almost no way around them. So if you intend to develop your brand new application in WPF you will have a hard time distributing it and even harder if you intend to sell it, so you should instead use Win. RT. Mobility. You probably consume a big part of your daily content through your mobile phone using web or native applications so you understand how important it is nowadays to be present on this market you must provide a mobile version of your applications.