Sorbonne Summer Programs

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Sorbonne Summer Programs' title='Sorbonne Summer Programs' />Notre Dames Department of History offers a graduate Ph. D. program in the fields Latin American, medieval, modern European, and United States history, as well as. Saadiyat is the flagship development project of the Tourism Development and Investment Company TDIC. It is a multifaceted destination, which features a wide range. NYC.jpg' alt='Sorbonne Summer Programs' title='Sorbonne Summer Programs' />Summer programs for high school students. QUALITY, SAFETY AND PERSONAL ATTENTION LEARNING AND TRAVELING WITH ABBEY ROADFor almost 2. United States and the entire world. Our students pursued various academic interests and artistic talents, learned foreign languages and discovered new cultures, prepared for the college years and made many lifelong friendships. Our programs are designed to give them unique, individual experiences, let them learn in a fun, interactive manner, and above all, give each and every one of our students our personal attention and assure their safety. How do we achieve these goals Staff to Student Ratio of 1 6. This allows us to assure the safety of our students and offer them many choices for classes, electives and activities while providing effective supervision. Balancing Safety, Flexibility and Freedom. Eleanor Beardsley began reporting from France for NPR in June 2004 as a freelance journalist, following all aspects of French society, politics, economics, culture. Study abroad with CIEE in Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America, Europe or the Middle East. Choose from over 200 study abroad programs in over 40 countries. At York, you have the freedom to combine areas of study to create a unique program that meets your academic and career goals. Choose from more than 100 programs. We offer our students a rich program packed with exciting activities and excursions, while giving them the freedom to choose among them and suggest new ones, based on their own interests the classes are mandatory. The students can explore the host communities during free time, as long as they remain in designated areas and respect our safety rules. This allows us to tailor the program to our students interests and treat them like young adults. Fun, Interactive Way of Learning. We emphasize active, experiential education. In addition to some classroom time, our students learn in real life settings, using the host communities as their classroom. We offer individual tutoring, small group workshops and college credit, in partnership with local Universities and schools. Competitive, All Inclusive Fees. Our fees are all inclusive and very competitive. They cover all housing, three meals a day, all classes, workshops, excursions, trips, and year round individual tutoring and college admissions support. There are no surprises or hidden fees. Airfare Assistance Plan and Designated Flights. We have chaperoned flights from JFK to all program destinations and a meet and greet service for students on connecting flights. We offer partial airfare stipends to help with airfare costs, based on availability. Early applicants are eligible for special airfare discounts. Global Wi. Fi and Phone Service Plan. We provide local SIM cards, phones and Wi. Fi coverage to our students at no additional charge. Global Travel Coverage and 2. Emergency Assistance Plan. Whether you missed your connecting flight, lost your luggage or encountered any other problem, rest easy knowing that our staff and travel agents will help you with all necessary arrangements, help you re book your flights, find a hotel room and cover all necessary expenses, such as meals, clothes, personal items, and more. Authentic, Savvy Way to Travel Going Beyond Tourist Clichs. Because we have a year round presence and local staff members in each of the host communities, our students have unique access and opportunities to experience real cultural immersion, meet their peers, discover the hidden local gems, live like locals, and go well beyond standard tourist sightseeing. College Guidance and Individual Tutoring Year Round. Our educational mission goes well beyond the summer. As part of our College Guidance program, we help students with their college applications, providing overall guidance, essay critique, and letters of recommendation. Before or after the summer, our students are eligible to participate in our online tutoring program, perfecting their language skills and pursuing any other academic and artistic interests. All of these benefits are included for our students and alumni. Academic Credentials. Our talented, inspirational instructors bring high school education to college level standards. Our courses are designed by professional curriculum developers and instructors from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Middlebury, Oxford, Sorbonne, and other reputable schools. For Our Parents and Families. In responses to parent requests, we provide a travel advisory and concierge service for our parents and families. Our local staff members will be happy to give you suggestions on places to stay and visit, help you plan your itinerary and discover authentic local sites, going beyond regular tourism, just like we do for our students. Pingu And Pinga Games.