Serial To 2.5Mm

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West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Nomic USBSerial Complete. Specifications. View schematic in. Serial To 2.5Mm' title='Serial To 2.5Mm' />Give your home a festive look feel with a touch of Christmas magic from Maplin. Shop the latest tech, great value gifts and more. This is the 4 pin 3. A TRRS connector tip, ring, ring, sleeve also called an audio. Overall Dimensions maximum, wo cables1. H x 2. 2. 5 W x 3. DWeight. 4 oz. Frequency response sound card input. Serial To 2.5Mm' title='Serial To 2.5Mm' />Hz 1. Hz, 1d. BDistortion sound card input Less than 0. Blood Bank Management System Project In Java With Source Code Free Download. THD 1k. Hz. Input impedance from sound card 6. Sound card level adjustment range 3. Serial To 2.5Mm' title='Serial To 2.5Mm' />B to 1. BPTT compatibility. Transistor logic only, tube amps not supported. Positive pull down. V min. 2 ma. max. Serial interface DB9. F connectorStandard RS2. RS2. 32 Pin Assignments DB9 PC signal set. Pin 4 Data Terminal Ready PTT controlPin 5 Signal Ground isolated digital commonPin 7 Request To Send PTT controlThe sound card audio is isolated from ground using an audio transformer. A high grade DC blocking capacitor on the sound card to mic. An opto isolator provides fully isolated PTT control or CW keying. Unlike the RIGblaster Pro, Plus II and Plus, which use relays for PTT keying, the Nomics opto isolator will not safely key an older tube rig. Free Cracked Seo Tools on this page. The CW keying and PTT keying circuits are only designed to work with modern solid state radios. Quality Declaration. This product has been tested to comply with Part 1. FCC rules for a Class B computer peripheral and digital device for use in the home and office. This testing is done to ensure the product does not generate RF interference. The Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 1. PC device drivers supplied with the Serial to USB adapter cable for this product have passed Microsoft WHQL testing and are certified. Using certified drivers simplifies the driver installation process and ensures the driver is not going to crash or otherwise damage the PC configuration. Same Love Piano Midi Download Free more. The Windows 9. 8 and 2. This product is fully enclosed in a metal case and has passed testing at West Mountain Radio to show high immunity to RF interference from amateur radio equipment. This ensures that in a typical station the RF field will not corrupt data transfer. Audio quality testing on this product has shown it to perform excellent with audio signals from 3. This demonstrates a low level of distortion for both data and voice. This product has full D. C. isolation on critical circuitryconnections to prevent ground loops and hum pickup. Product designed, tested and used by ham radio operators onsite.