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Border Collie Aussie Information. Katt Williams Pimp Chronicles Full. Kash Flow making a splash Kash, our Border Collie Aussie mix dog, goes into vacation mode the minute we leave on our epic two lane road adventures. Its like he has 2 distinct personalities, one is the normal at home, go 1. Images/131015/james-hallidays-1.jpg' alt='Russell Coight\u0027s All Aussie Adventures)' title='Russell Coight\u0027s All Aussie Adventures)' />Russel Cooght All Aussie AdventuresThe sly ambush mode You know Border Collie Aussie mix dogs are extremely smart. They learn good habits really fast, and can learn bad ones just as fast if you are not careful. Jimmy-feature.jpg' alt='Russell Coight All Aussie Adventures' title='Russell Coight All Aussie Adventures' />Russell continues his trip further still into the heartland of Oz. Fully accommodated, 4WD tours of outback South Australia including Coober Pedy, Lake Eyre, Arkaroola wilderness sanctuary, Flinders ranges, Wilpena Pound and the wine. Offers informative Daintree River tours and cruises. Tour information, picture gallery, publications, guides and client feedback. These Trips are done from our camp in the beautiful Sheep River Valley 4Day Adventurer Kick back and relax in camp after enjoying horseback riding all day. Last month we said goodbye to Dietgirl and Ive carried on my adventures in lardbusting and otherwise on ShaunaReid. Heres whats been happening. We invested in a dog training course because this dog gave me fits as a puppy. Best move we made Kash the Dog is so gentle to other living creatures. The Raccoon in the House Story He isnt kind to raccoons though. Maybe he thought he was protecting me, but when we went out to pee one night, I opened the door and there was a raccoon, 3 feet away Without hesitation Kash attacked that critter and they tangled on the deck, going around the cornerI yelled at him top let it go He did. When my wife came running to see what was happening, I opened the door and grabbed a flashlight to look for our dog. When I went out the door, the wounded raccoon scooted into the house, right past my leg and over top of my wifes feet Now I hate to admit it, but I have a little fear of raccoons especially wounded ones in my house Well I finally tracked it down under the bed, pushed it out with a walking stick, and it walked right out the door it came in Limping all the way. We checked Kash the Dog over real good and then real good again. We just didnt want there to be any bites or flesh wounds. Download Hacked Swords And Sandals 2 Full Free Version. He was good. The raccoon, not so much. WEB-AUSSIE-ROAD-TRIP.jpg' alt='Russell Coight\u0027s All Aussie Adventures' title='Russell Coight\u0027s All Aussie Adventures' />Russel Coightu0027s All Aussie AdventuresAll Aussie Adventures Best BitsThis Border Collie Aussie has no fear except snakes and frogs The raccoon had a bad ending. It only made it to the bushes by the deck, where Kash tore it up again and I had to put it down. Sadly, this was how it ended. This Border Collie Aussie Loves to Swim Anyway, Kash has traveled all across the USA o two lane roads with us the last 5 summers. He has been swimming in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Missouri, Columbia, Hoh, Skagit, Klamath, St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson, and many, many more rivers, lakes and ponds Me and my pal Kash FlowIm telling you, he is such a fantastic, loyal, well behaved dog, and I have to give credit to the online dog training course we invested in. So if you have, or are thinking about getting a Border Collie Aussie, make sure you are prepared. Invest in a little extra help dog training, even if its just to learn some tips, its worth it. Until next timeHug your dog,Thomas Kash.