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RepairHardDiskSoftwareRepair Hard Disk SoftwareHow to Repair Mac Hard Drive andor File System When Disk Utility Cant Redding Word. The Oregon Trail Game Free Software. Press Web Design Web Developer. Hard Drive Issues on a Mac A Rarity, but a Pain Nonetheless. Earlier this week I received a call from a local business client who was having problems publishing a self maintained website for their store. Although my service call began with troubleshooting a problematic website, the situation promptly escalated to showing symptoms of a serious hardware issue. At first it seemed like the Macbook Pro owners issues were purely related to i. Web and needing to be properly configured for their web hosting account. It wasnt long before I discovered that her Mac was having issues accessing files from its hard drive. And thats when it happenedUpon a system restart, the Mac would not boot past the initial gray screen with Apple logo, spinning wheel and frozen progress bar. It was quite obvious the computer was not successfully accessing its operating system files but it was too early yet to be sure whether it was due to mechanical issues with the hard drive or motherboard, missing or corrupted files stored on the hard drive. I was going to have to narrow it down before making a diagnosis that could cost the client unnecessary data loss, expenses for hardware or labor. Attempt to repair your system drive using Disk Utility. Obviously if you are stuck at the gray screen of agony, booting past it isnt an option. S_VIWlhmk/UiYVY48JLlI/AAAAAAAAAmA/v7e5OuJvhUQ/s1600/hdd-repair-bad-sector-running.png' alt='Repair Hard Disk Software' title='Repair Hard Disk Software' />But you can boot from your system disc labeled Mac OS Install DVD. To do so, pop it into your optical drive and hold the AltOption key while you power up the computer. Keep holding it til you see your boot drive options and then click the Mac OS Install DVD to boot from it. Easy Outlook Express Repair helps to restore lost emails from damaged Outlook Express folders. Repair Hard Disk Software' title='Repair Hard Disk Software' />Repair Hard Disk SoftwareOnce past the language selection, you can access utilities from the top menu. Disk Utility is the one you want. When it opens, click on your hard drive in the left column sidebar and the click Verify Disk followed by Repair Disk under First Aid. If your computer completes its process, then it might just be your lucky day. Offers new data recovery software products that repair damaged hard disk drives and rescue lost data. These best free hard drive repair software let you detect and repair bad sectors on your hard disk to empty memory sectors on hard drive giving more space. Very helpful and one of the best tool i have ever used. Thank you for recommending such a nice tool. Its a good idea to check the hard drive health of a Mac as part of a periodic maintenance routine. Doing this is extremely easy with Disk Utility, and. You should now initiate a normal restart to see if your problem has been resolved. But if your situation is like mine, you might get failures indicating the hard drive is unreadable. Pass go, but do not collect 2. If you DONT have a Mac OS install DVD OR you DO have access to another Mac and a firewire cable, try booting in Target Disk Mode. This is when you boot your afflicted machine as though it was an external drive to a healthy Mac. To do so, first turn on your sick Mac while holding down the T key and you will see a gray screen with a large occasionally moving Firewire logo. You can now connect the two computers via firewire cable and boot the healthy computer while holding the AltOption key as described above. Repair Hard Disk Software' title='Repair Hard Disk Software' />Best Data Recovery Software tools free download to recover lost, deleted, formatted data from desktop, laptop, mobile, or server. Stellar Phoenix data recovery. Auto Repair Software on sale Now. We supply best professional auto repair software programs and Vehicle Repair Maintenance Programs. Most powerful technical support. Compare the best disk defragmenter software. Sidebyside comparisons of features and prices of top rated defrag software. Easily see which defragmentation software. Your sickly computers hard drive in target disk mode should appear as a boot option on your healthy computer. Choose it and proceed. If you are able to boot to it successfully, you can try again to run Disk Utility from Applications Utilities and to verifyrepair the hard drive. If this works without a hitch, again try and reboot your computer normally to see if your problem has been solved. If not, keep reading. This option is the one that surprisingly worked for me Boot into Mac Safe Mode while showing its progress in a command line UI. Your Mac will automatically attempt some more gloves come off disk repair measures when you boot into safe mode. To start up into standard Safe Mode to Safe Boot, do this Be sure your Mac is shut down. Press the power button. Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone, but not before the tone. Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator looks like a spinning gear. To start up into Safe Mode with display of the progress in a command line UI, do the same as above EXCEPT hold the Command and V keys along with Shift. In my case this process worked and I was able to boot into safe mode with the affected computer. You can now restart the computer as normal and you will likely be able to boot now, possibly after a brief progress bar display during bootup. If this works for you, you should still be concerned Even though your computer is working seemingly normally, you should consider yourself blessed I dont do luck. If youve found my advice helpful so far, heed my next directive use your extra life to immediately make an entire Time Machine backup onto a reliable clean external hard drive. You will need this ifwhen your hard drive crashes if you want to recover your documents andor applications. If none of the above worked for you, it may be time to bring out the big guns if you really need to save your data. Try an advanced data recovery software such as Disk. Warrior or Disk Drill. Short of sending your hard drive to an expensive data recovery specialist, this might be your last resort for a DIY fix. These solutions may require you to remove your hard drive, use a live boot cd or target disk mode. You should refer to their respective developers website for a thorough outline of the process. In Conclusion and in Summary. In any case, there is a reason your hard drive is having these issues. Replacing your hard drive very soon should be your plan especially if you have a hard drive more than 3 years old and you dont have a strong hunch that you caused your own issue in any way. My Recommended Hard Drive Purchase to Fix or Upgrade Your Macbook. I recommend Seagate Momentus 7. RPM hard drives and I use them in my own and clients machines. Replacing my original Hitachi hard drive which had incidentally NOT failed, but was critically full at only 1. GB truly breathed new life into my Macbook Pro. Not only did it provide tons more storage space for me, but the 7. RPM performance and larger 1. MB cache has greater responsiveness and performance.