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Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join today to get access to thousands of courses. Introduction. When one talks about using PowerPoint with QuickTime, youll be forgiven for imagining we are working on the Macintosh. Actually, we are not. PC to Mac and Back. Power. Point Versions a History. Before we start, consider that youll be dealing with different versions of Power. Point as well as different platforms. This is mainly about PCMac issues, so we wont take Power. Point version differences into account here other than this general set of rules Well ignore versions of Power. Point prior to 9. Powerpoint 2004 For Mac' title='Powerpoint 2004 For Mac' />Mac and 9. Windows. Power. Point 9. Windows is very much like Power. Point 9. 8 Mac. Power. Point 2. 00. Windows has no equivalent on Mac, but it only added a few new features to Power. Point 9. 7.  For all practical purposes, you can consider Power. Point 9. 7 and 2. Windows and Power. Point 9. 8 Mac pretty much the same. Power. Point 2. 00. Windows and Power. Point 2. 00. 1 Mac both added multiple masters and a lot of other new features and bring the Mac and PC versions into rough equivalence again. Power. Point 2. 00. Microsoft PowerPoint est un logiciel de prsentation dit par Microsoft. Il fait partie de la suite Microsoft Office. Microsoft PowerPoint fonctionne sous Windows. Powerpoint 2004 For Mac' title='Powerpoint 2004 For Mac' />Mac Power. Point versions cant create motion path animations but beginning with Power. Point 2. 00. 4 for Mac, presentations with motion path animations created on Windows can be viewed properly on the Mac. Thoughts and impressions of happenings in the world of PowerPoint and presentations. Explore, share and comment PowerPoint had been included in Microsoft Office from the beginning. PowerPoint 2. 0 for Macintosh was part of the first Office bundle for Macintosh which was offered. Microsoft PowerPoint um programa utilizado para criaoedio e exibio de apresentaes grficas, originalmente escrito para o sistema operacional. Sports Day For Kindergarten Games more. Looping Presentations But not all of them This tutorial guides you through how to link different presentations together, but with the added advantage of being able. Power. Point X Mac is roughly equivalent to Power. Point 2. 00. 2 Windows again. Its the first Power. Point version thats fully compatible with OS X. Power. Point 2. 00. Mac adds a few new features and better support for the multiple masters and animations on the equivalent Windows versions PPT 2. Power. Point 2. 00. Mac and Power. Point 2. Windows are again approximate equivalents. Both use the new Office XML file formats. Power. Point 2. 01. Mac and Power. Point 2. Windows are the closest equivalents ever. Both use identical XML file formats, support VBA, support add ins, and embed movies and sounds by default. Power. Point Viewers. Microsoft Sky. Drive has a cross platform light version of Power. Point that doubles as the player for recent Power. Point versions for both Macs and PCs. File Formats. Power. Point 9. 7 through 2. Windows and Power. Point 9. 8 through 2. Mac share the same file format. They can all open one anothers files. Power. Point 2. 00. Windows and 2. 00. Mac introduced a new file format based on XML. Power. Point 2. 00. File compatibility exceptions Windows versions since 2. Power. Point 2. 01. Mac can open password protected filesif you know the password, that is. All Windows versions can embed fonts. Mac versions can open files that contain embedded fonts but cannot use the fonts. Power. Point 2. 00. Power. Point for Mac includes Compatibility Report, a feature that is designed to alleviate many of the common headaches in optimizing presentations for other versions and other platforms. This Office wide feature can be accessed in the Tool. Box and in Save As dialogs. If you create in Power. Point 2. 01. 1 on Mac, then move to PCSave your files in Power. Point XML file format. Uppercaselowercase doesnt matter, but dont use punctuation characters or spaces in your filenames. Some punctuation marks are PC safe but may cause problems in email or web applications if files are converted. Dashes and underscores are safe, though. Quicktime content is supported only in Power. Point 2. 01. 0 for Windows. Older versions dont support Quick. Time. Links to external graphics files will break. Embed all graphics. Use fonts in Font Collections Windows Office Compatible when choose fonts. Use only RGB color for your Power. Point graphics. Power. Point will convert CMYK or Pantone colors to RGB anyway. Its better to do it yourself so you can control the conversion. In case thats not a convincing argument, try this  Power. Point may substitute a red X for CMYK graphics. Ouch.  Stick with RGB. Dont squeeze your text too tightly into placeholders. Font substitution and slight differences in text rendering on Mac vs PC can cause your text to get truncated or spill out of too tight text boxes. There are more Mac to PC tips here on Creating a Presentation on Microsoft. If you create on PC then move to Mac Power. Point 2. 01. 1Save your files in Power. Points XML file format. Any valid file name you save on Windows is OK when bringing it to a Mac. Links to external files will break. Embed all graphics, sounds and movies. Use Windows Media. Quick. Time for audio and movies. Windows Media requires the free Flip. Building Construction Process Step By Step Pdf'>Building Construction Process Step By Step Pdf. Mac Quicktime codec on the Mac. Dont embed fonts. Instead, provide copies of fonts to your Mac users. Mac users should install fonts with Font Book application on their Mac before running your presentation. Many fonts are not free, so dont steal. Dont squeeze your text too tightly into placeholders. Font substitution and slight differences in text rendering on Mac vs PC can cause your text to get truncated or spill out of too tight text boxes. X Platform in either direction, PC to Mac or Mac to PCEmbedded objects Word tables, Excel chartssheets, graphs, etc. Wherever possible, use the tools built into Power. Point ie, Power. Points table editor in PPT2. PC, PPT X and up on Mac rather than objects created in external programs. Whereas Power. Point for Mac uses Quick. Time to handle audio and video, Power. Point 2. 01. 0 is the only version that supports Quicktime. Old Power. Point Windows versions use built in Windows functions MCI to do so, which greatly limits the amount of file types that can be viewed on the PC side only a few, like MPEG and AVI can be handled in old PC Power. Point. Old versions of Power. Point on the Mac and PC have compatibility problems. More information on this here http www. FAQ0. 01. 55. htm. Contributed by Jim Gordon, Mac MVPShare this.