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Orders Circulars. Promotion of LDCs as Accountant on seniority basis OM No 494 Dated 30th November 2017 Promotion of Group C Staff MTS as LDC OM No 497 Dated 30th. MADRAS UNIVERSITY DISTANCE EDUCATION CHENNAI Admissions 201617, Courses, Results, MBA, Ranking, Exam Timetable, Eligibility, Fee Structure. Were BSNL Pensioners. CABINET DECISION ON 5 7 2. MOST REMARKABLE. PART OF THE RECENT CABINET DECISION IS THAT HENCE FORTH. COMPLETE LIABILITY FOR PAYMENT OF PENSION FOR ALL THE DOT. PENSIONERS  RETIRING BEFORE 11. AND  ALL THE  EX DOT. EMPLOYEES ABSORBED IN BSNL W. E. F. 11. 02. 00. AND RETIRING AS BSNL PENSIONERS RESTS WITH  THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. BSNLS LIABILITY TOWARDS PAYMENT OF PENSIONARY BENEFITS IS NOW. LIMITED TO ONLY PAYMENT OF PENSION CONTRIBUTION AS PER FR1. Pay Arrear Software Kerala' title='Pay Arrear Software Kerala' />FOR ALL DOT EMPLOYEES  EX DOT EMPLOYEES ABSORBED IN BSNL OR. WORKING ON DEEMED DEPUTATION IN BSNL TILL THEIR RETIREMENT. AFTER RETIREMENT ALL RESPONSIBILITIES OF PENSION AND. PENSIONARY BENEFITS ARE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF GOVERNMENT OF. INDIA EXCEPT LEAVE ENCASHMENT WHICH WILL CONTINUED TO BE PAID. Simcity 5 Product Code Keygen. BY BSNL. This nullifies the earlier provision of pension payment. BSNLs payment to DOT. Only AIRBSNLEWA unveiled. Latest 7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator 2016 updated on 26 july 2016 Benefits as per Recommendation of 7th Pay Commission Below is a comparison of 6th and 7th. The meeting was attended by the PGMTD LW Telephones, Sh Abhai Raj DGMAdmn., Sh Vinay Kumar Verma DGM Finance, Sh U. K. Misra. Bharathiar University Admissions 201718, Courses, Time Table, Date Sheet, Distance Education, Ranking, Fee Structure, Results, Colleges,COIMBATORE. Cabinet in. January  2. BSNL. Since then we have been fighting against this along with. AIBSNLEA. Many laughed at us but they  never wrote a single. Big Victory in their. Some are claiming that they  were fighting this. Fact remains that almost all were silent over. S PARK Service and Payroll Administrative Repository of Kerala, is an e Governance endeavour under Finance Department, Govt of Kerala, operational since 2007. If. you scroll through their websites you will understand the. Anyway let them rejoice and  be happy. The decision of annulment of 6. Govt. f India  is really a. IDA merger. It will permanently. BSNL. pensioners. This great achievement needs to be. CHQ along. with AIBSNLEA and our Chief Mentor Com Prahlad Ji and the. DOT by uncovering the hidden. RULE through series of applications under RTIs. Com Amit Kumar Gupta our AGS AND HIGHLIGHTING THE SAME. THROUGH OUR WEBSITE. Official communications condemning such. AIBSNLEA apart. from various personal interactions with DOT officers from time. The outcome of this Cabinet Decision has. If you scroll back our old news, you will find that we have. We never deviated. Associations. From day one. NOTIONAL fixation on both pay and. We also said that unless 6. Today the same points are approved by the. Anybody can verify these from our websites series of. Since the decision of the cabinet, we are receiving many calls. The cabinet while approving 7. IDA merger from. 1 1 2. It also denied. addition payment of other pensionery benefits like gratuity. We are trying to narrate the gains and. PRE 2. 00. 7. Pensioners Their pension was refixed. IDA earlier. The fixation already done was as. A Old pension as on 3. B DR 6. 8. 8 of AC 3. ABD  ABC  New Pension by Merging 6. IDA. Including. commuted amountP Actual take home pension i. D Commuted Amount. DA as on 1 1 2. Now after 7. IDA. Merger the refixation will be done as below A Old pension as on 3. B1 DR 7. 8. 2 of AC1 3. AB1 D1  AB1C1  New Pension by Merging 7. IDA. Including commuted amountP1 Actual new take home pension i. D1 Commuted. Amount DA 0 as on 1 1 2. Increase in Pension P1 P which will be from 1 1 2. That means these. CCA with arrears from 1. CCA. But as per the decision these pensioners. Arrears of Pension from 1 1 2. Total loss P1 P x 7. DA of the. increased amount. This Arrear is payable by DOT. The pensioners of this category can now calculate the actual. Post 2. 00. 7 Pensioners Their Basic Pay was refixed merging 6. IDA earlier in 2. The fixation was as below A Old Basic Pay as on 3. B DA 6. 8. 8 of AC 3. ABD  ABC New Basic Pay on 1 1 2. Merging. 6. 8. 8 IDA. DA on 1 1 2. 00. DANow after 7. IDA Merger A  Old Basic Pay as on 3. B1 DA    7. 8. AC1 3. AB1D1  AB1C1   New Basic Pay by Merging 7. IDA on 1 1 2. 00. Notionally fixed. This New Basic Pay ,fixed notionally from 1 1 2. Retirement taking into. New Notional. Pension will be calculated as 5. Therefore Increase in pension will be New Notional. Pension Pension already fixed with commuted amount. This. increased amount will be paid actually from 1. Arrears from 1. 0 6 2. DA for the increased portion will also be paid actually. The Dues not paid to the Post 2. Pensioners are on many counts as shown below 1 Increased Pension with DA from Date of. Retirement to 9 6 2. To be Paid By DOT2 Leave encashment difference due to new Last Pay. Drawn                        To be Paid By BSNL3 Increase in Commutation of Pension as per new fixed. Pension.               To be Paid By DOT4 Increase in Gratuity Amount as per New Last Pay. Drawn.                           To be Paid By DOT5 Increase of Basic Pay from 1 1 2. Date of Retirement. DA.        To be Paid By. BSNL     This however has not been paid to serving employees. BSNL. The pensioners of this category can now. Thus you can see that our struggle has not ended. There is. a long way to go to end the deprivation. Most of the. pensioners think that there is nothing wrong in the decision. Government for paying  the increased pension only from. This is a generous thinking. The service. employees who got the benefit of 7. IDA from his date of retirement, then why the. What the serving employees did not get is their. Honble Supreme Court regarding payment of. This deprivation to the pensioners has not been protested so. Associations except AIRBSNLEWA and AIBSNLEA. Autocad With Crack For Win 10 there. We wrote repeated letters citing supreme court judgments but. DOT overlooked them. We assure our members that we along with. AIBSNLEA are committed to settle the issue. Pl. keep a watch on the developments and cooperate with us as. Finally we extend our thanks to huge no of. SMS, emails, Whatsapp messages, phone. Your support is our.