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SPECIAL SECTIONPenicillin was the magic bullet against bacteria, but what will stop HIV Will Eric Drexlers nanotechnology do for the next century what silicon chips did for this SIGMUND FREUD He opened a window on the unconscious where, he said, lust, rage and repression battle for supremacy and changed the way we view ourselves. Precision damage such as that dealt by a rogues sneak attack ability applies to more creatures than it did in previous editions of the game. Setting out to make an insulator, he invented the first true plastic and transformed the world. A pair of self taught engineers working in a bicycle shop, they made the world a forever smaller place. A spore that drifted into his lab and took root on a culture dish started a chain of events that altered forever the treatment of bacterial infections. He launched the space age with a 1. New England cabbage field. His radical idea that governments should spend money they dont have may have saved capitalism. He saw a vast universe beyond the Milky Way, then found the first hints that it began with a Big Bang. He began by trying to reduce all mathematics to logic and ended by finding most metaphysics to be nonsense. He found the secrets of human learning and knowledge hidden behind the cute and seemingly illogical notions of children. He was the last of the double threat physicists a genius at creating both esoteric theories and elegant experiments. Without the groundbreaking and backbreaking efforts of Louis, Mary and Richard, the story of how we evolved would still be largely untold. Environmentalist Dr. Richard Leakey talks to TIME about his family, career and the state of the environment. The key to the television picture tube came to him at 1. Yet he died in obscurity He turned the lens of mathematics on itself and hit upon his famous incompleteness theorem driving a stake through the heart of formalism. 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A master of the genre contends that it boasts an impressive predictive track record if you squint hard and ignore most of the evidence. The pace of discovery is likely to accelerate, says the former editor of Nature. Burmas Mazda Pathfinder XV 1 Is The Most Obscure Off Roader Ive Ever Seen. Two days ago, my life was nothing2. But yesterday, that all changed when I set my eyes upon the hilariously quirky Mazda Pathfinder XV 1. Its an off roader built specifically for the Burmese market in the early 1. This green, strange Land Cruiser ish machine sits on display at Freys Mazda Classic Car Museum in Augsburg, Germany. It is undoubtedly the most random off road vehicle Ive ever seen, displacing from the top of the list even that ARO 2. I drooled over in Romania last month. Yeah, this Mazda is that weird. According to the museum, Mazda built these Pathfinder XV 1s from 1. Burma though. Curbside Classic member Tatra. Transformers Sound Effects Wave. D Paper Craft Templates on this page. Mazda Jeep, as it was called locally, may have remained in production until the 1. The SUVs were used mostly by military, police and government officials, came as either soft tops or hard tops, and could seat up to nine people thanks to a pair of giant folding benches in the rear. Underneath, I see a lot of similarities to World War II era Jeeps. Theres a leaf sprung solid front axle with two closed style knuckles on either side attached to drum brakes. Those knuckles turn a pair of nondirectional tires via a steering setup thatminus the damperactually looks similar to that of a Ford GP or Bantan BRC prototype the drag link comes from the back and turns the left side knuckle, which pushes and pulls the other knuckle via a tie rod. Under the belly, theres a two speed transfer case with a big skid plate underneath it, a thick steel frame, a fuel tank, an exaust pipe, and a pair of driveshaftsjust standard old truck stuff. As for whats under the hood, honestly, I dont know. Freys Mazda Classic Car Museum says its a 9. Curbside Classic says that four banger is probably a Mazda sourced 2. The transmission, based on what I could see through the window, looked like a floor mounted three speed manual. The engines displacement isnt the only mystery surrounding Pathfinder XV 1. Searching online, I found reference to a model called the X2. You. Tuber k. 36. SUV that appears to be just a shorter version of the XV 1 Pathfinder I saw at the museum. Im not sure if X2. Mazda internal designation and Pathfinder the actual model name, but heres the clip The XV 1 Pathfinder was allegedly designed by Mazda in Hiroshima in the late 1. Burma in the form of knock down kits. Those knock down kits, according to Curbside Classic, got put together at the Ministry of Industrys No. Automobile Factory in Htonbo, and the world became a better place. A much better place. Because, I mean, just look at the design on this thing. Its all over the placejust a hodgepodge of random lines and curves. First, theres that curve starting at the fender flare, running along the bottom of the door, kicking up over the wheel, and ending at the center of the back of the bedside. Then theres the shoulder line, which starts at the top of the enormous front fenders, changes direction just above the front wheels, and rises up to the door, where it remains level until the back of the bedside. The front is its own brand of special. Theres a split front windshield with opposing style wipers, a hood thatalong with parts of the fenderslooks like the top part of a cardboard box but does, in fact, line up with the beltline. Theres also a weird shaped grille with an old style Mazda logo at the center, an awkward chin that jots from that grille out to the bumper, and round indicators on the fenders that seem a little too spaced out from one another. The whole thing is just bizarre. An off roader by Mazda Built for Burma With a mysterious engine and perhaps model name and ridiculousbut amazingstyling Im absolutely, positively, head over heels in love.