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Proteus_page119_image3.jpg' alt='Isis Ares' title='Isis Ares' />There Is Nothing New Under the Sun       Jesus Christ is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word 1 Jn 5 7. KJV Jn 1 1 Jn 1 1. The Word is not subject to any Interpretation Hermeneutics or End Time Speculation Eschatology. Jesus fulfilled every Jot and Tittle of the Law attempting to live under Old Covenant Law is deadly, any infraction brings guilt of all the Law. JESUS Mat 1 2. 5KJV JAH Ps 6. KJV JEHOVAH Ex 6 3. Isis Ares' title='Isis Ares' />This is a list of the Goauld characters that appear in Stargate, Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis. In the Stargate fictional universe, the Goauld are a. Hobbyist drones strapped with explosives or chemical weapons could be used by ISIS. Two Chinese navy ships are currently visiting London, each sporting a Z9 helicopter on the deck. Aviation Week went along to investigate. More. Isis AresIsis AresKJV will judge every Soul Lk 1. Mat 1. 0 2. 8 the only way to pass Judgement is accept His shed blood Deut 2. Sin. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles and circumcised in accordance with Jewish Law on the 8th Day of Tabernacles. He presented Himself 3. Passover Lamb, was Crucified and laid in the Sepulchre on Passover Eve, remaining there 3 days, Feast of Unleavened Bread Feast of First Fruits, rising the 3rd Day and delivering the Holy Ghost 5. Crucifixion on Pentecost. The only Feasts yet to be fulfilled are Feast of Trumpets and Feast of Atonement 7 Trumpets comprising the 3 12 Yr Great Tribulation end with the 7th and Final Trumpet Warning and 2nd Coming which will complete Trumpets and Atonement as Jesus gave His body and blood, we will likely be required to do the same. There is no 7 Yr Tribulation, Pre Tribulation Rapture or 2nd Dispensation for Israel. There is no Planet X Niburu that is JupiterMardukHorusZeus the son of Saturn by another name. When     Time The Pre Flood Age was marked by Taurus. The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on the Flag of Israel. Leo and Aquarius are adjacent constellations Leo represented by the Sphinx Aquarius begins when Regulus Alpha Leo is at 1. There are 1. 65. 6 Years Creation to Flood 2. Yeras Aries to Pisces 2. Sims 2 Woohoo With Anyone Mod. Percy Jackson the Olympians The Lightning Thief 2010 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A planet symbol or planetary symbol is a graphical symbol either in astrology or astronomy representing either a classical planet including the Sun and the Moon. The correspondences. Years Pisces to Aquarius. Sargon the Great was likely born at the Taurus Aries boundary and declared Legitimate King at 2. Gods New Year is 1 Abib Satans is 1 Tishrei AkkadianBabylonian Beginning aka Rosh Hashanah on Sept 2. Christ Angle formed. Satans Jubilee is the start of the 3 12 Year Great Tribulation Are you readyIsis AresWWIII Zionism versus Islam The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Zionist not Jewish. Allahu Akbar means Allah is Greater not God is Great Allah is Ilu in Bab. Ilu or Babel the 4. Arab moon god Sin aka Lucifer. Lucifer is not greater than God he and his followers wil spend eternity in Hell. Is your Name written in the Lambs Book of Life A personal covenant with the Creator of the Universe, JESUS JAHJEHOVAH is absolutely necessary the alternative is accept the Mark of the Beast, hearing Depart from me I never knew you. Israel and the Six Pointed Star are not Jewish nor Gods gathering of the 1. Tribes to the Promised Land The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise. Amos 5 2 Israel today is a mix of Ashkenazi, Germanic descendants of Japheth and Gomer Sephardic descendants of the Canaanites, Babylonians and Medeans Assyria used to replace Israel in Assyrian captivity 7. BC Mizrahi descendants of Ham and Mizraim. The Six Pointed Star of MolechSaturn is not the Star of David Amos 5 2. Acts 7 4. 3. Waiting for the Rapture Thats a Jesuit invention. Rapture  Gods New Year begins on 1 Abib, not 1 Tishrei Rosh Hashanah, the Babylonian version. Abib, the New Moon after Spring Equinox is the anniversary of Creation Anniversary of Noah stepping off the Ark onto dry land Gen 8 1. Anniversary of Moses instructions for the 1st Passover, protected from the Angel of Death by Lambs Blood on the doorposts before the Exodus Ex 1. Jesus will return on the 1. Jubilee, 6. 00. 0th Year of Creation 2 Pet 3 8. Satans New Year is Rosh Hashanah Tishrei 1. Tishrei is BabylonianAkkadian for Beginning aka Akitu Festival. Signs www. theresnothingnew. SignsoftheTimes2. On July 2. 0, 2. 01. Israel assumed control over the Temple Mount from the Jordanian Waqf Shimon Peres has previously given control over the Temple Mount, Cenacle and King Davids Tomb to the Vatican. The Vatican is currently under Jesuit control the Jesuit Mother Church of all Churches worldwide is the St John Lateran Arch basilica Lateran means Hidden Frogs, the 3 unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet Rev Rev 1. Av July 3. 1 Aug 1, both Temples destroyed, Inquisition Holocaust, 2 World Wars, Gulf Wars all began on 9 Av Congress sanctioned North Korea, Russia, Iran and Trump signed the admitted Un constitutional order on 9 Av On Aug 2. Elul 1 Harvest China was added. Comet C2. E1 Borisov departed Leo and entered the womb of Virgo Nov Coptic AthyrHathor Goddess of Love, Joy and Childbirth Nov 1. C2. 01. 7 departed the Womb, Jupiter Zeus Son of Saturn is Jupiter, Zeus, Osiris or Marduk arrived and will depart 9 months later on Sept 2. On Aug 2. 1 www. theresnothingnew. GreatAmericanEclipse cusp of Leo Virgo the Great American Eclipse. A second total solar eclipse unique to the US forms an X over the Mormon Adam Ondi ahman Jameson, Missouri Mormons consider this the land Adam and Eve lived after expulsion from Eden 2. April 8, 2. 02. 4 Strongs 2. Chevah means Beast. Comet 6. 7p NASAs RosettaAl RashadAllah Mission made a renedevous with 6. Moon Arab moon god Sin as Jupiter aka Marduk or Osiris departed the womb of Virgo. On Sept 2. 0 cusp of Virgo Libra on Rosh Hashanah Feast of Trumpets 2. Christ Angle forms with Alpha Leo Regulus and Al Nitak Wounded One in Orion OsirisSaturn over the Great Pyramids this Christ is Antichrist OsirisHorus not Jesus Christ www. Sept2. 0,2. 01. ChristAnglequot. The Great Pyramid was set at the Christ Angle west Land of the dead of Bethlehem the Ascending and Descending passages of the Great Pyramid are set at the Christ Angle of 2. Thuban Arab Basilisk whose gaze means death in Draconis Dragon Devil, Satan, Dragon, Serpent in Rev 1. Sept 2. 3, the Rev 1. Shabbat Shuvah Sabbath of Return. Sept 3. 0 Yom Kippur Feast of Atonement 2. Satanic Jubilee Jubilee TrumpetThe Yom Kippur Shofar heralds the coming Jubilee Year 1 Abib 2. KolNidre YomKippur2. Dispensationalism, 7 Yr Tribulation and Pre Tribulation Rapture are Jesuit Militia of Zeus Lies  www. Rapture JesuitStyle JupiterZeusLucifer www. JupiterintheWomboftheVirgin will exit the womb of the Virgin clothed with the Sun, the moon at her feet and a crown of 1. LeoDouble Crown of Egypt. Sept2. 3,2. 01. Rev1. The 3rd Temple of JupiterZeusMarduk will soon be built on the Temple Mount with the Throne of ZeusJupiter Satans Seat in place for the Great Tribulation www. Temple. 3. As Above. So Below, the opening lines of the Emerald Tablet of Toth is symbolized by the Masonic Square and Compass and Six Pointed Star, fulfilled during the Jubilee Year following the 6th Tetrad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacies and 6 Day War by the Sept 2. Christ Angle on Rosh Hashanah So Below. As Above will be fulfilled on Sept 2. Sabbat Shuvah Sabbath of Return with the Rev 1. Sign in the Heavens. Hasidic Rabbis believe Moshiach arrives 5. Babylonian calendar Sept 2. Gods calendar does not change, it begins on 1 Abib in 2. March 1. 7, 2. 01. St Patricks Day Ptah RekhPtah is King, the Master Craftsman of Satanism is Day 7. Liber Oz Book 7. Thelemic New Age Bible. Jesuit Priest Manual Lacunza promoted the Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Christian Church and 7 Yr Dispensation of Israel in the mid 1.