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Clearance Sale Atlantic Beds. Why Our Customers Love Atlantic Beds. Fast, Free Shipping Direct From Leggett Platt. Most Comprehensive Extended Warranty From Fortegra Which Includes Parts In Home Labor. Generation Family Owned Operated. Authorized Leggett Platt Dealer Since 2. Low Price Guarantee Rated A Accredited By The Better Business Bureau Why Leggett Platt Is The Best Adjustable Base That Money Can Buy. Leggett and Platt is a Fortune 5. With over 3. 0 years experience making adjustable beds, theyre the industry recognized leader for quality and customer service. Aside from Leggett Platt, who makes their bases in Georgetown, KY almost all adjustable beds are imported from China. If you have a warranty claim or the base needs service, are you going to receive the same level of customer service as you would from one of Leggett Platts 6. With Simple Walls you can have that brick wall look in your color choice installed in hours with barely any mess. As an exclusive Leggett Platt EStore for Leggett Platt Adjustable Beds our beds ship directly from the Leggett Platt factory to save you more money. Atlantic Shopify Theme Store' title='Atlantic Shopify Theme Store' />Atlantic Shopify Theme StoreAtlantic Shopify Theme StoreThe state of Florida simply offers t amazing destinations other than our amazing city Miami. You can also take Key West Tours and Orlando Tours from Miami. If the importer or manufacturer goes out of business, you will not be able to get replacement parts for repairs or warranty claims. Why Our Leggett Platt Bases Ship Directly To You From Leggett Platt. Because we are an Exclusive and Authorized Leggett Platt Dealer, our orders are shipped directly from Leggett Platt. By having your order ship directly from Leggett Platt, you are assured of getting the latest available software and components. AlcatelLucent S. A. French pronunciation alkatl lysnt was a French global telecommunications equipment company, headquartered in BoulogneBillancourt, France. The Science of Free Samples How Freebies Can Keep Customers Coming Back For More. The Christina Kober earrings have been hand cut and formed into tiny depressed cups. Each earring is finished with an understated texture that catches light. Icon-Shopify-Premium-Template.png' alt='Atlantic Shopify Theme Store' title='Atlantic Shopify Theme Store' />Why Our White Glove Delivery Is More Efficient Better Than Installation. During our Holiday Promo, White Glove Delivery is included with all orders. Instead of the bases shipping directly to your home via curbside delivery with a freight company, the beds are shipped to the local white glove delivery agent. Our 2 person White Glove Delivery team will arrive at your home with your complete order. They will set up your beds inside of your bedroom. Some companies who offer installation still ship their bases to customers home with a freight company. When the bases arrive, its their customers who have to carry the bases inside. At a later time, an Installation person is sent out to set up the beds. This defeats the purpose of White Glove Delivery because the adjustable bases are heavy and the customer has already carried them inside by the time the Installation person has arrived for the 2nd appointment. Why We Also Include The Sure. Sleep 1. 0 Year Extended Warranty From Fortegra. During our Holiday Promo, as an added benefit to our customers we are including the Sure. Sleep Protection plan from Fortegra. Leggett Platts Factory Warranty is a 2. Atlantic Shopify Theme Store' title='Atlantic Shopify Theme Store' />Choose a custom design for your blog. The Theme Garden features hundreds of free and premium themes that you can tailor to suit your needs. This early 19th century Eli Terry pillarandscroll clock is going up for sale in Norfolk, Connecticut on February 17. Rare guitars autographed by some of rock. From 38. 95 6. 95 shipping and handling plus sales tax where applicable This exclusive, glowinthedark hoodie celebrating Americas favorite horror host t. Year Limited Warranty which offers full coverage and In Home Labor and Parts for the first year. For the next two years, Leggett Platt offers full coverage on parts but no Labor. The remainder of their warranty offers pro rated coverage on parts. Conference Room Scheduling Software Sharepoint Online. The 1. 0 Year Sure. Sleep Policy from Fortegra offers the most extensive coverage because Fortegra extends In Home Labor and Parts so that youre fully covered for the first 1. Wayuu Store. WAYUU TRIBE STOREHandmade Wayuu Mochila Bags take approximately 1. The braided strap has its own unique design and is also braided by hand. One Of A Kind, Fair Trade, Certified Wayuu Authentic Art. Made in La Guajira Desert, Colombia Type Bucket Bag Mochila Materials Cotton. Type Handmade Shoulder Bag with Draw String Tassels. L x 8W x 9H 1. Note, measurements are approximates. Please note the product image contains a Wayuu Tribe watermark and it does not appear on the actual product. Each piece is a varient similar of the product image as each is one of a kind. Product image may appear slightly lighter due to lighting.