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Adrian Chase Arrowverse Wiki. For the Earth X version of Prometheus, see Tommy Merlyn Earth X. Adrian ChaseOccupation. District Attorney of Star CityformerlySerial killer formerlyLeader of his teamformerlyYour son has his father back, and he learned exactly who his father was just like you learned who your father was right here on these very same waters. Williams younger than you were, so hes gonna be fine, you know. Oliver, thats good, because its gonna be lonely. Felicity. Adrian Chases last words to Oliver QueensrcSimon Morrison April 2. Prometheus p r m i i s prMEEthees is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof and. Prometheus was the ancient Greek Titangod of forethought and crafty counsel who was given the task of moulding mankind out of clay. His attempts to better the lives. Name Edit. The name Engineer was given by Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway due to the lifeform being responsible for engineering the human race. Star Of Prometheus' title='Star Of Prometheus' />May 1. Adrian Chase, was the former District Attorney of Star City and a former close collaboratorfriend of Oliver Queen as mayor, helping him in cleaning up the streets through the legal system. He was the serial killer who was calling himself Prometheus, and not only knew that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, but had a personal vendetta against him as well. Having lost his father four years ago at the hands of The Hood, Adrian desired retribution, and spent his time afterwards studying The Hoods skills and history, while also uncovering Olivers true identity as the Green Arrow. In his alter ego, Prometheus crusaded against the Green Arrow in order to destroy the vigilantes life and legacy. He had also been labeled by the media as the Throwing Star Killer for murdering people whose names formed anagrams of individuals on the List using shurikens made from Olivers discarded arrows as a form of sending a twisted message to him. 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After a short time spent in a glass walled prison, he managed to escape to Lian Yu. After facing off with Oliver in battle once again, he was defeated and then proceeded to die by suicide. His death triggered the detonator which in turn set off all of the hidden bombs situated throughout the island. Biography. Early life. Simon as a baby. Simon was born on April 2. Justin Claybourne and an unnamed woman with the surname Morrison who would later change her name to Amanda Westfield. Little else is known of his earlier life but he apparently grew up to be a psychopath according to his fathers lawyer. In 2. 00. 4 Simon met Oliver Queen when Oliver successfully tried to pick up his girlfriend. Preparing for his crusade against Oliver Queen In late 2. Simons father was murdered by the Hood, and so he sought vengeance upon the elusive vigilante. Dropping off the grid completely and erasing all traces of his existence from the internet,3 and changing his name to Adrian Chase, Adrian researched his target and learned everything he could about him. In his research, Adrian discovered the identity of his target as Oliver Queen and obsessively studied him, learning everything he could about him and his allies. In his research he became aware of the existence of The List, a book of Starling City individuals with ties to Malcolm Merlyn, which included Adrians father who Oliver had targeted. This led to Adrian believing that Oliver was really a serial killer and his righteous crusade was a lie to justify a killing spree, and therefore poisons the lives of those he cares for, and swore to make him suffer. At some point he met and fell in love with a woman named Doris, who later became his wife. In early 2. Olivers life, Adrian sought out Olivers former mentor Talia al Ghul to learn the ways of the League of Assassins. Impressed that Adrian deduced Olivers identity on his own, Talia accepted his request, as she was now equally vengeful towards Oliver as he had killed her own father Ras al Ghul. Through Talia, Adrian also learned more about Olivers past including his activities on Lian Yu, in Hong Kong and in Russia. He also became aware of Olivers son William Clayton. Presumably through his affiliation with Talia and her own resources Adrian also became aware of the existence of time travel and the multiverse. He also became aware of Team Flashs pipeline prison and the Waveriderindicating that he is aware the identities of Barry AllenThe Flash and the Legends led by Sara LanceWhite Canary. After acquiring the skills needed from Talia, Adrian armed himself with an array of weapons forged from The Hoods discarded arrows kept in the Star City Police Department evidence lockup. Adrian also began using a suit strikingly similar to Olivers suit from his days as the Hood, but with darker colors and with a full face mask, adopting the name Prometheus. Adrian chose that name because of Prometheus role in Greek mythology in taking away power from the judge, jury and executioner gods. After Oliver became mayor Adrian became a lawyer and eventually succeeded Susanna as district attorney of Star City to get become personally acquainted with Oliver and keep closer tabs on him. Adrian was building a case against Derek Sampson with the intent of flipping the drug dealer so hed give up the names of his suppliers. Beginning his crusade. Prometheus before killing Lieutenant Conahan. Pc Dvb-T Tuner Software. Five months following Damien Darhks death, Adrian began his crusade by targeting individuals in Star City whose names formed anagrams to other names on The List. His first target was Lieutenant Conahan. When Conahan was leaving the SCPD precinct, he noticed Prometheus on the rooftop. Mistaking him for Green Arrow, Conahan asked if he could help him, but was shot by an arrow. Conahan painfully tried to shoot back, but Prometheus dodged his shots, leaped to the ground and threw a shuriken to disarm him. As Conahan tried to flee, Prometheus threw a knife into his leg, knocking the cop down. As Conahan desperately tried to crawl away, Prometheus slowly walked up to him, sword in hand, and, when asked if he was Green Arrow, coldly replied that he wasnt and killed him. Conflict with Tobias Church and meeting Oliver Queen. Prometheus threatens Tobias Church. A few nights later, Adrian learned of Green Arrows encounter with crime lord Tobias Church amidst his illegal deal with Amer. Tek Industries, where he almost killed Green Arrow. In response, Prometheus stalked Church and as he left Club XLR8, and killed his two bodyguards. While Church mistook him for the Green Arrow and laughed in amusement, Prometheus threw an axe into Churchs shoulder, leaped to the ground and slammed Church into the pavement. Prometheus angrily told Church he was aware of his attempt to kill the Green Arrow, and warned Church that the former was his to kill and if he ever tried to do it again, then hed die as well. Adrian meets Oliver. After learning that Olivers ally Rene Ramirez supposedly killed Derek Sampson, Adrian went to confront Oliver about it officially becoming acquainted with him and told him about what happened to Sampson. After Sampson turned out to be alive, Adrian asked for Oliver to get Judge Pittson to allow Adrian to obtain a warrant to search his known hideouts. After he agreed, Adrian told Oliver about the first time they met, when Oliver picked up his girlfriend, but he ironically reassured Oliver that he doesnt hold grudges. Later, Green Arrow and his new team apprehended Sampson which pleased Adrian as he informed Oliver and Thea of this. Adrian discusses the citys vigilante problem with Oliver, Thea and Quentin. A few days later, during a meeting at the mayors office, Adrian met the new deputy mayor Quentin Lance and said that working for him would be a pleasure.