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General What is Inkscape Inkscape is an opensource vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X. What sets Inkscape apart is. FlyerTutor has Tips, Tutorials Templates in Flyer Graphic Design for Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw, OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher. Inkscape Guide to a Vector Drawing Program Digital Short Cut, 2nd Edition. Dell Vostro 1015 Wireless Drivers Windows 7. NDLRGBL24/UBFT56FCaCI/AAAAAAAAAPg/PDcITaS8QUk/s1600/Screenshot+from+2012-07-26+15:27:37.png' alt='Free Inkscape Templates' title='Free Inkscape Templates' />Inkscape TemplatesThe Top Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. The Best Illustrator Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux. Adobe Illustrator, now in its 2. CC 2. 01. 7,  is the daddy when it comes to the creating and editing of Scalable Vector Graphics. First shipping for the Apple Macintosh way back in the January of 1. Adobe Illustrator is as mature and feature packed as they come. In the May of 2. 01. Youll only need a few things for this Instructable A steady hand Inkscape Ponoko Inkscape templates Some double sided tape or glue at the end to assemble the. Adobes monthly and yearly subscriptions went live as Adobe Creative Cloud, sold alongside Creative Suite 6, allowing choice amongst designers between a one time expense or a cheaper, subscription based model that allowed them to stretch out their finances better in the short term. However a year later, Adobe announced that they were going subscription only across their entire portfolio of graphic design products. CS was dead, leaving Creative Cloud as the only option for a graphic design software for those wishing to stick to their much loved Adobe products. But all was not bad, Adobe has recently announced that they have smashed their sales and subscriptions projections more than a quarter earlier than expected and the customers are happy too, getting the same great Adobe software with a more constant stream of updates and added features, albeit at a larger cost long term. However, we here at Vector. Guru became very interested in the potential Illustrator alternatives, programs that could compete with Illustrator in both features and price and have decided to create this list of the Top Adobe Illustrator Alternatives. You will find a range of programs to suit any need you may have, covering whatever operating system that you are on, be it mac. OS, Windows or Linux, there is something here for everybody. Ranging from No Cost and upwards, there is also something for the budget conscious or those just curious to see what else is out there. Top Adobe Illustrator Alternatives Gravit. Gravit is a web app that runs directly in your browser and which offers all of the main features you would expect from a vector editor. You can export your art in JPG, PNG or SVG. Additionally all of your raw files are backed up by Gravit into their Gravit Cloud. The user interface is extremely easy to use with an easy learning curve for those who already have some experience in Vector Editing, however, it shouldnt take long for the new comer to master Gravit. Gravit can also be added as an extension to the Chrome browser. Website Gravit. Price Free. Compatibility Web App for all platforms. Vecteezy Editor. Vecteezy Editor is a fully featured yet easy to use browser based Vector Editing tool. Pre loaded with over 8. Vecteezy editor has an almost infinite about of customisation options. Built directly into their website, Vecteezy Editor allows you to not only customise Vectors you choose from Vecteezy themselves, but to also upload and edit your own before downloading in SVG, PNG or JPG formats. Built with ease of use in mind, Vecteezy Editor is as simple as point and click for beginners but has more than sufficient tools to be used by any graphic professional looking for a free and easy way to modify their Vectors. Website Vecteezy Editor. Price Free. Compatibility Web App for All Platforms. Gravit Designer 3. Gravit Designer finally has native apps with Gravit Designer 3. Available on multiple platforms including mac. OS, Windows 1. 0 and Linux. As a native app, Gravit Designer is is able to get around some of the limitations of the web app version, such as managing multiple pages in one document and accessing System Fonts. The user interface has also had a makeover, making it much more detailed and mature in comparison to the original Gravit and with both Light and Dark mode, working at night is no longer hard on your eyes and with new Gravit Cloud integration you can now use your files across all platforms and online Check out our standalone Gravit Designer 3. Review and find out all about this latest update Website Gravit Designer 3. Price Free. Compatibility mac. OS, Windows 1. 0, Linux, Chrome OS. Web App for all Platforms. Vectr. Vectr is in the same calibre as Gravit Designer, coming as a native app on Windows, mac. OS, Linux and as a web app and the functionality is equal to that of Gravit Designer. However, Vectr does have an ace up its sleeve, its plan, to be the google docs of vector editing, allowing teams to share the same instance and edit things together The Vectr web app is currently only running fully in the Chrome browser, however it has a plug in available that allows for offline functionality. Each graphic in Vectr is given its own unique URL and these can then be embedded in existing designs that will then change according to any changes made to the source file. Vectr also supports multiple pages and works directly with the SVG format. The user interface of Vectr has a very Adobe feel to it, making it a fairly smooth transition and they also offer a plug in that allows for direct editing of a vector in Word. Press. You will also find that the creators of Vectr feel that documentation is of the highest importance and you will find video tutorials that explain most things, making it as easy for new comers to learn as it is for those coming from Adobe or one its other competitors. Website Vectr. Price Free. Compatibility mac. OS, Windows and Linux. Web App for all platforms. Inkscape. After over 2 years of development, Inkscape has recently released version 0. Vector Editor. But with the amount of innovation, the 2 years of development time is completely understandable. Inkscape have made it a priority to be standard compliant and in order to stay within the rules of the CSS standard, the resolution has been changed from 9. Inkscape files to work with the newer standard. Mainly the developers have been focusing on displaying as many as SVG2 and CSS3 properties as possible, however not all of these properties can be changed via the user interface. Also, complex grid trajectories do not require any kind of tricks, plug ins or special settings, they work perfectly as a standard function. As open source software, Inkscape is available free of charge across all the platforms its created for, including mac. OS, Windows and Linux. Inkscape is the oldest piece of software on our list and its user interface reflects this, being more complex than others,  however it plays in the front of the pack when it comes to features. Website Inkscape. Price Free. Compatibility mac. OS, Windows and Linux. Xara Photo Graphic Design 3. Xara Photo and Design is an easy to use, quick to learn software similar to Corel. DRAW and Inkscape in regards to its interface and with full compliance to industry standards, Xara is quite a capable tool for all the graphic designers out there. With many great features including non destructive photo handling, intelligent scaling and a built in bit map tracer, all built in to one easy to use package, Xara is definitely worth checking out. Lets Check Out Some More Known and Unknown Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. Boxy. SVGBoxy. SVG is a free solution for the fast processing of SVG files. Visually the app follows a gamers approach, which gives it great ease of use however limits the features set. Coming as a native app for mac. OS and as a Chrome Extension, you can also visit the website to get an overview of the functionality and learn the basics with tutorials, editable demos with prefabricated SVG files for you to practice with.