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CncMach2SoftwareAxis CNC Configuration for TB6. Mach. 3Mach. 3 Configuation TB6. CNC Controller 4 Axis. Mach. 3 is the software than turns your computer into a CNC machine controller. ArcGqkjk/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Cnc Mach 2 Software' title='Cnc Mach 2 Software' />If youve found this page because you cant get you machine to work then I hope this helps you. If after trying the settings Ive used it still doesnt work correctly then please contact me and Ill be glad to help. I get quite a few question from all over the world. Before you start. Mach. 3 is quite old now and there is a new version called Mach. So if you received your copy as part of a kit from a Chinese vendor from Ebay or Amazon and popped in your computer then you need to check your computer meets these requirements. Mach. 3 will only work on 3. Windows from Windows 2. Windows 8. I use Windows XP 3. It requires a parallel port, the old printer port LTP1, almost obsolete now. Mach. 3 can be made to work with USB, check my post http www. My machine has been working for a few years now with the TB6. Ive made several wings and a fuselage check out these pages on the site Flying Wing and Hurricane. It took me a while and I had to draw information from several sources. Theres quite a lot of information for 3 axis routers but when you get to 4 axis there isnt as much. So I decided to document my own TB6. Ive had some great help from people on the internet. Ive also used the TB6. OX 3 axis router from Open. CNC PLASMA TABLE 2x2 GANTRY KIT BOLT DOWN VERSION CNC MACHINE XYZ COMPLETE KITS This XY CNC kit was designed to be used in a plasma cnc setup. It has 4 solid steel. CNC Software A guide to all the different software packages available for CNC machinists. General Features. The Mach series of software is one of the most versatile CNC control packages. Here are some of the basic features and functions provided by Mach3. CNC Router Parts has teamed up with Grunblau Design to offer a parts bundle for Brian Oltrogges Platform CNC 48 x 30 router We now offer a version of this parts. Builds. A few sample cuts below from my early tests. As you can see from the build page here I used the TB6. NEMA 2. 3 steppers form China. You can find them on Amazon or e. Here you can download mach 4 cnc software shared files cnc. Techno grooves mach 4 rs hellip rar uploaded. GB Cnc. CNC Software Home of Mach3. Newfangled Solutions Welcome to Newfangled Solutions. We are a company focused on finding the best solution for complex manufacturing. Find great deals on eBay for Water Jet CNC in Industrial Manufacturing and Metalworking Equipment. Shop with confidence. Price 97,500. 00Availability In stockhttpsraleigh. IDSERP,5305. 1KX1S CNC MILLING MACHINE AND MANY EXTRAS tools by. Practically new I purchased the machine and accessories in March. I stripped everything down, cleaned off the factory cosmoline and tuned all the gibs. I also. Bay These have come down in price and I now recommend something like this one 4 axis CNC kit You see a lot negative comments about the TB6. I must say Ive had no issues so far. The only thing you have to do is spend a bit more time on is the instructions which usually arent the best. Ive also built my machine from a lot of recycled parts to help keep the cost down, I hate waste. I work in IT but started out as a motor mechanic so I have both practical and computer skills. Ive designed it so when not in use I can dismantle it and put to one side. I only have a small workshop, the whole setup can be pushed into a small corner when I need the space to build. Axis configuration. Ive had a few emails asking about which configuration I have my axis in. So Ive taken a picture which explains it much better than words. Mach. 3 configuration. Cnc Mach 2 Software' title='Cnc Mach 2 Software' />Id recommend watching the tutorial videos from the Mach. Mach. 3 can be a bit overwhelming when you first start it up. It has lots of options which for hot wire foam cutting arent needed. The terminology can be a bit of a challenge if this is your first time e. DRO, MDI If you watch the interface video its all explained. Mach. 3 will only work on a 3. Windows and you need a PC with a printer port. D Puzzle Dxf. If your PC doesnt have one then an add on card can usually be used without any problems. I use Windows XP on an old Dell GX6. I got from e. Bay with 2. GB of RAM. Dont use a laptop Art. Soft doesnt recommend it due to the power saving features used on laptops, which can cause missed steps. My PC was a fresh install and nothing else on it. Its not connected to the internet so I have no need for anti virus and updates. Ive even switched lots of unnecessary services off. I get the g code on by USB memory sticks. Homing and Limit Switches. Once I had the basic of machine working I set about fitting some homelimit switches and a E Stop Emergency StopIts wired up as this document from PDF document Limits diagram. The small 5 port ribbon connector on the controller is used to connect all the switches in series. As I used RJ4. 5 LAN cables with 8 wires I was able to use the 2 of the 4 spare to get the inputs back to the controller board without any extra wires. When the switches are wired up go to the Mach. LEDs as screenshot shown below. Mach. 3 is clever enough to know which axis the input relates to. This confused me a bit a first but it works. If you press REF ALL HOME each axis should home. It goes to the switch and then as it trips it reverse and comes off. I had a problem with this to start with. The X axis would trip the homeX switch and just stop. I posted this on the Mach. I got some help. Posted the config file and a guy called Hood had the answer after I explained what was happening to the X axis. It was being caused by some interference from somewhere switches were all new. In the general config page there is a setting called debounce. I put in 2. 00 as Hood suggested and it work perfectly. The switches are for safety and returning to the same home position. I also screw the towers securely down onto a long board to stop any spring tension on the wire from moving them. I have a width of 4. X travel of 1. 6 and a Y of 1. I use Mach. 3 to drive the machine and Profili. TB6. 56. 0 4 axis manual. Follow the manual that came with the TB6. If you dont have it heres a copy Manual TB6. AxisDriver. Here are my settings which are as the manual apart from the input signals. Config Ports and Pins Motors Output tab. Config Ports and Pins Input Signals tab. Config Ports and Pins Input Signals tab showing E stop on port 1. Config Ports and Pins Output Signals tab. Config HomingLimits. My machines is configured in inches so this set ups the soft limits if you had no switches and direction to home. You can also set up soft keys as well so you can jog the axis whit the key of you choice. With everything set up as above you should be able to jog each axis. Press the TAB key and a windows pops up which you can use to move the axis. Calibration. This was the part were I thought I would need to do some tricky maths to get the axis to move the correct distance when a command was sent. Let me explain with and example. G2. 0G0 X1 A1 Y0 Z0. This line of code say move the X and Y axis to 1 inch from the zero setting. G2. 0 means work in inches. So when Mach. 3 sends this to the machine it should move 1 inch. But that also depends on the thread used on your lead screws and the number of steps the motor makes. There is some details in the Mach. Mach. 3 has an easier way. First youll need something accurate to measure with, I used a digital vernier calliper. Then youll need to measure how far the axis has moved. I clamped a stop on the base of the X axis and make sure I can use the calliper to measure to the moving tower of the X axis. Zero your calliper and then go to the settings page. Select Steps per Unit and then the X axis you can use any axis. When the dialogue box appears and says How far would you like to move enter a distance e. When it stops and says How far did the axis move Measure Value then measure with the vernier calliper and enter the value. Mach. 3 will work out the steps per unit and save you having to do all the maths. May be worth doing this a couple of times. For hot wire foam cutting this is good enough, but if this were a router or mill the accuracy may not be acceptable. Hot Wire Settings and Feed updatedI use a i. Charger 2. 06. B to power my wire and I use 0. MIG welding wire. Ive found that a feed rate of 9. OK in the g code. The power to the wire depends on the foam used. For pink XPS I use 4. For tapered wings you need to adjust the kerf value this is how much foam is melted by the wire at both root and tip. Profili. 2 has this option, but its a bit trail and error. March 2. 01. 4 Ive now found much better results with very thin wire. Im using some thats about 0. Charger with a feed rate of 1. CNC Software Digital Tooling for CNCWhen I was learning to be a manual machinist, people used to say, Budget as much for tooling as you do the machine. Danged if they werent right. In fact, if you wanted to be well tooled up and what machinist wouldnt, you could even leave off your measuring tools from that budget and focus on workholding, fixturing, toolholding, cutters, and the like. And, if they arent already on the machine, you have to put a DRO and any power feeds in this category as well. A powered drawbar is mighty nice to have too. Tooling is definitely not cheapThen I went CNC, and I started noticing a lot of that tooling wasnt needed any more. Though I might like to have a 4th axis, I didnt need a rotary table, for example. But suddenly, I had a whole new category of tooling to add. At the very least, I needed a CAD program to make drawings which I would then feed to a CAM program to generate the gcode needed to be really productive with the machine. G Code editors and feeds and speeds calculators were not far behind. There are many other kinds of CNC software, which Ive taken to calling Digital Tooling, that are important to CNC work. Digital Tooling We need cnc software as much as hard tooling to be successful CNCersSome machinists are funny about Digital Tooling. Ive talked to machinists who spend hundreds on custom ground cutters and want to preserve their life as long as possible, but balk at 7. Or, in another case, they are proud that they have a name brand and not a clone Haimer 3. D Taster or Blake Coaxial Indicator, but they want a cheap or free piece of cnc software. Go figure. With CNC, your digital tooling may have a bigger productivity impact than any of your real tooling. As usual, it pays to have better tooling, but with CNC it is especially important to have good cnc softwrae. In CNC alone, cnc software can be completely transformative to your productivity in ways that are not even dreamed of with manual machining. A simple analogy makes it easier to understand why Digital Tooling so important for CNC CNC is to Manual Machining as a Word Processor is to a Typewriter. CNC is to manual machining as word processing is to a manual typewriter. I love a sweet Monarch 1. EE as much as the next guy. But CNC is fabulously more productive, especially if you dont have the years of experience that make a good manual machinist the consummate craftsman that he is. For most of us, the end result from CNC comes out looking much nicer, and with much less effort. I was so happy Id found it, almost from the very first part I made on my CNC. If we continue the typewriterword processor analogy to tooling, typewriters need paper, ribbons, and correcting fluid. Word processors still use printers, which may need paper and toner cartridges, but they have no need of correcting fluid. Moreover, theres a world of new software that opens up once we put a PC the CNC plays that role in this analogy into the mix. Youve got the Word Processor, and different Word Processors have radically different productivity levels as you probably discovered. Suddenly there are spreadsheets, slide making programs, and a whole lot more that didnt exist and couldnt have made sense with just a typewriter. Think what all that means in that analogy and you begin to see how cnc software is so important to being a Better CNCer This page gives you a high level round up of the different kinds of cnc software available for CNCers. Itll give you an idea of how it all fits together. CAD CAM Software CNC Machine Programming. Lets start out with a quick overview of how most gcode moves from software to a machine where it can be executed to make a part. This is the cnc software required for cnc machine programming. For the most part were talking about CAD CAM Software, but not exclusively. Gcode, by the way, is the basic language that tells your CNC machine what to do. You can learn all about it from our Free GCode Tutorial. Whether you have a conventional CNC Mill, Router, or Lathe, or a 3. D Printer, heres what the basic CAD CAM Software workflow looks like CADCAM Software Workflow From CAD Drawing, to GCode, to PartIn this workflow, you use the following software types CAD Software Used to design the parts. The output of CAD are drawings and solid models. CAM Software CAM software analyzes the CAD drawing, takes input from the machinist or programmer, and outputs g code for the machine controller. Slicer Software Think of this as CAM for 3. D Printers. Its usually a lot simpler than CAM software, though. CAD, followed by either CAM or Slicer Software results in a GCode file, which you then feed to your CNC Machine or 3. D Printer. The machine will then execute the GCode to make your part. A lot of other kinds of CNC Software are available to help facilitate this process such as Other CNC Programming Apps A variety of other kinds of g code software helpful to CNC programmers is available including G Code Simulators, G Code Editors, and G Code Verification Software. CNC Control Software The Machine Controller may be stand alone software, or it may be a proprietary combination of software and hardware. Its job is to take g code and produce the right electrical outputs to make the CNC machine move. CNC Utilities There are a variety of CNC Utilities available for calculating feeds and speeds and many other functions. Other Shop Floor and Manufacturing Software Software is available to help manage tooling inventory, estimate job costs, and perform many other functions associated with managing the operations and maximizing the profitability of machining and manufacturing operations. Okay, now lets drill down and look at each one in a bit more detail. CAD and Solid Modeling Software Drawing Creation. CAD Software is used for making the drawings that are the starting point for a lot of CNC projects. Roxio Creator Nxt Pro 5 Serial Key. There are a variety of different markets for CAD. CNCers are largely concerned with mechanical CAD as opposed to markets such as architectural. The most common programs in the mechanical CAD market include Auto. Cad and Inventor CAD software from Autodesk Solidworks The market leader in parametric CAD from Dassault Systems Rhino. D 3. D modelling with explicit modeling also called direct manipulation. Fusion. Onshape The new generation Cloud CAD software. Ive tried all of these programs, and my favorite is Rhino. D followed by Fusion. Onshape, and Solidworks. Im not recommending any of these over the othersIm just telling you my own preference. To figure out the best package for your own needs, try CNCCookbooks 3 Step Process for Choosing CAD Software. The first part I ever did was drawn in Rhino 3. D, and was done for a chuck backplate project on my old manual lathe. Choose your CAD package very carefully. This is likely to be the software you have to spend the most time with. There is a significant learning curve involved with turningout a slick 3. D model of a part youre planning to make. Its a completely different process than sketching on the back of a napkin, and until youbecome proficient, it can be utterly frustrating and intimidating. Dont worryeven the most hardened machinist experts go through the learning curve and eventually emerge smiling and able to produce amazing drawings. And we all HATE having to learn new CAD software, LOLFor my first CAD software, I purchased a copy of Rhino 3.