Alps Touch Pad

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KENT PAD PRINTER Printing Systems Robotic Automation. Kent is the worldwide manufacturer and supplier of high quality pad and screenprinting. Unified crossplatform 3D graphics benchmark database. Register or Login. Lw3v.png' alt='Alps Touch Pad' title='Alps Touch Pad' />Dell N7. R 1. 0. 1. 2. 6 Trackpad. Hey, whats up people. Premier Game Launcher. Fly Around The World Paper Airplane Game there. I finally got 1. 0. If you need any help installing it on a n. Anyway, Im having some problems with my ALPS touch pad TT6. F7. I cant seem to increase the scroll speed. It is so slow whenever I move the mouse. I dont want I can post to help me troubleshoot. I currently have Voodoo installed and its not fixing my problem.